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Wandering home from work

28 Apr

It was the first time this year that I walked home from work, although it wasn’t all the way from work because that would take me too long now (maybe later in the year when I have found a decent route and we have lighter evenings).

To make up for the fact that I was starting later and because I would be starting from the wrong side of town I altered my route slightly, although I may have over compensated because it didn’t seem quite so far.

It did seem to take me a bit longer than usual, despite a slightly shorter route, but I wasn’t really pushing myself this evening. It was more about unwinding, perhaps not physically but mentally. It was great not to have to think about anything in particular or make conversation.

The route, along a disused railway line (again) makes it very easy to just forget about maps and which path to take. All you have to do is make sure you start facing in the right direction and remember to stop when you get to where you want to go.

It probably took almost an hour before my brain was purged of thoughts of work and other day-to-day worries and began to fill up with all sorts of other bizarre thoughts, ideas and memories. I would be quite happy in my own little world and then something would catch my eye or a sound would make me stop and listen and bring me back down to earth.

It is not a particularly exciting route, I have walked it many times, but every time it is slightly different. Sometimes it is the weather, sometimes it is the time of day or the season or sometimes it is just the mood I am in, but every time it is different. Today will be memorable for the brief appearance of the sun, in what had otherwise been a pretty overcast day. It is only a shame the pylons and power lines ruined the scene.

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Picture Postcard Parade: Horley Church

24 Jul

I bought this postcard today in the lovely town of Rye, East Sussex. It is of St Bartholomew’s Church in Horley, Surrey. The card was posted on the 26th June 1905, the name in the bottom right-hand corner is W. Wilkins, who was probably Walter Wilkins, who is recorded in the Kelly’s 1911 Directory of Surrey as a stationer in Station Road, Horley.

Horley Church

My 4x great-grandparents Henry and Catherine GASSON had nine of their children baptised here between 1814 and 1830. One of those children, James was also buried here in May 1830. After this the family moved to Nuthurst, Sussex where another five children, including my 3x great-grandfather, were baptised.

There is another reason for showing you this card. Horley is the town in which I now spend my working day. You can expect to hear lots more about Horley in the future, as I make the most of my lunch breaks (and my season ticket for the train).

I have previously written about their wonderful library, so I can explore their holdings further (not just Horley but surrounding parishes) and also visit the church and get some photographs. Eventually I hope to be able to find out where my 4x great-grandparents lived and pay that a visit too, if it has survived. I am sure there must also be other GASSONs that remained in Horley after my direct ancestors moved on.

All in all lots of things I can be doing to take advantage of the fact that I am am going to be working in a place with an ancestral connection. The truth is that there are very few places where I would have been able to work that didn’t have a family connection of some sort.

Personal Genealogy Update: Week 28

11 Jul

Family history took a bit of a back seat last week, I did do some work on the HEMSLEY family of Framfield, Sussex but my job hunt took priority. The end result was that I start full-time work again on Tuesday.

This changes things some what. I have become used to being pretty flexible about my research and to some extent my walking, being able to do pretty much what I wanted when nothing was happening with my job hunt.

I now need to re-think my family history plans. I won’t be able to get to the archives so frequently, and will have to balance visits to the archives with the desire to go walking. It is not a big deal really, it just means going back to how things were at the end of last year. It probably means that I will need to be a bit more organised and plan ahead more carefully for visits to the archives.

This week I am going to have a review of my research and the projects I have been working on, and see which ones I am going to be able to pursue from home and which are going to need to be put on hold for a while.

Unemployed in time for Christmas

18 Dec

Today was a truly memorable day. Not because we woke up to 1½” of snow this morning, which is quite unusual for Sussex. No, today was my final day at work with my current employer.

It was no surprise, in fact the company has been in quite possibly the longest close down in history. For just over four years I have waited for this day to come.

There are so many emotions, fears and hopes, but financially I don’t have to worry about how I am going to pay the mortgage for a few months, and whilst the employment situation doesn’t look good in the short-term, I am sure something will turn up in time.

In the meantime it should hopefully give me more free time to work on my family history between job interviews and filling in application forms (and the list of jobs that needs doing around the home).

In these last seven years my job has changed so much. I have made many friends and learnt a lot from them. I have so many happy memories of the time spent there and the laughs that we shared. Of course those people haven’t gone, just that they will no longer be part of my everyday life.

People used to laughingly say that I would be the one switching out the lights and locking the door, and today as myself and my two remaining colleagues made a final walk through the empty building closing the doors and switching out the lights, they were proved correct.

These last few weeks have been hard work both physically and emotionally, but even when things didn’t go according to plan we still found it possible to laugh and smile. Something which I am never going to be able to forget.

I feel an immense sense of pride for what we achieved, how we worked together and made things happen in sometimes difficult circumstances.

Now the doors are closed we can move on.

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