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Picture Postcard Parade: The Warren, West Dean

7 Oct

It is always rewarding to be able to be able to identify a view on a postcard and I have had a couple of successes recently, and yesterday I was able to pinpoint the exact location of the postcard below.

The Warren, West Dean

It wasn’t too difficult with this one and the name printed on the front is a bit of a giveaway, but I have been able to pinpoint the exact spot in West Dean, (West) Sussex where the photographer was pointing his camera, using Google Maps and Old Maps.

These cottages are just north-west of main road from Chichester to Midhurst that runs through the village, near The Selsey Arms pub and West Dean school. The photographer was looking in a north-easterly direction, and although most of the buildings are the same there are a lot more trees now.

Several generations of my MITCHELL ancestors lived at Warren Farm/Warren Barn Farm which isn’t actually shown on this view, but I am sure that there will have been relations of one sort or another living in these houses at some time in their life.

Of course I was down in West Dean last Saturday so I should really have got my act together earlier and made the effort to go and get a photograph as it is now, but I have only just got around to looking into this postcard. The card itself was posted in 1918 from West Dean, to an address near Alton, Hampshire but despite have ancestors in both West Dean and Alton it doesn’t look like they are anything to do with me.

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