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Australian BMD indexes on Ancestry.com.au

16 Jul

The release of the Australian BMD indexes on Ancestry.com.au is great news for my BATEMAN research. As most of the records relating to this family are connected with the state of Victoria I have so far been limiting the amount of index searches I do, because the Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages charge for their index search results.

I know the charges for index searches weren’t particularly high, but with an Ancestry Worldwide membership I can now search to my heart’s content and can also extend to some of my other surnames just to see who might have ended in Australia as well. I am sure there are more than just the BATEMANs who went out there.

Interestingly a search for the surname GASSON in the death indexes only returns 81 results, and the surname TROWER returns only 49, both of which are a lot lower than I would have expected. The result might reflect the coverage of the indexes more than the number of my relations that actually left these shores.

One thing that doesn’t seem clear from the Ancestry web pages is the coverage dates for these indexes. It correctly states that the dates when civil registration started varies for each state or territory, but doesn’t mention that they also appear to have different cut-off dates for public access to the indexes.

As an example, although the birth index quotes the dates 1788-1922, there don’t appear to be any Victoria births after 1909. I haven’t played around to find the limits for all event types and places, but don’t be surprised if you don’t find the record you are looking for, despite what the collection title might say. The shame is that there is not an easy way to find out, unless I am missing something.

Personal Genealogy Update: Week 26

27 Jun

Time for another confession, I really struggled last week to actually do any genealogy. I blame two things for this:

  1. The warm summer evenings, perfect for walking or sitting in the garden doing nothing.
  2. I can’t decide what to do next.

I need to stop beating myself up for not doing any family history, but I really feel that I should be doing some research, but haven’t been able to pinpoint what I want to do.

I did a bit of work around the MITCHELLs and Exton, Hampshire but I just couldn’t get enthused about it, which disappoints me. I fear all that time organising files and folders has spoilt my appetite for research.

I do have plan though for kick-starting my research, and that is in part because of the Capital Ring walk on Saturday. I have given myself a challenge, to find out why my grandfather was at school in the London Borough of Greenwich between 1917 and 1924, and when did he come back to Sussex after he finished school.

I will explain more about this challenge later, but for now I think I have settled on three projects to concentrate on, which is more than enough for the time being, and allows me some flexibility to take on other bits and pieces as they turn up.

The three projects are:

  1. Finish off my research into the GEERINGs of Hailsham, Sussex.
  2. Investigate and write about the life of William Joseph Henry BATEMAN of Victoria, Australia.
  3. Find out why my grandfather Charles Percy GASSON was in Greenwich, London.

While the (virtual) photo album is still open…

17 Jul

This is another BATEMAN family group, this time from the other side of the world. The family connection is that the large gentleman, second from the right is the son of Henry and Dorothy Isabella BATEMAN from yesterday’s photo.

Australian BATEMANs

Sadly I don’t really know much about at this part of the BATEMAN family at this stage. Hopefully one day I will have the time and money to get down to some serious research into this lot.

What I do know is that William Henry Joseph BATEMAN (second from the right) my 2x great uncle, married Annie Clark MCCONACHY (second from the left) in Geelong, Victoria, Australia on the 22nd April 1905. He was serving with the Royal Navy and appears to have remained in Australia when his service came to an end.

As far as I can tell they had two children, Dorothy (in the middle) and William (on the far right). Written on the back of the photo is Dorries wedding Dec 1934, but I haven’t got around to finding out any more. I don’t know who it was she married or if William ever married, but I do know that there were descendants of William and Annie BATEMAN in Australia perhaps 20 or 30 years ago, but I don’t know their names. I don’t know who the gentleman on the left is either, presumably some relation of Annie.

If you do recognise any of these names or faces then do get in touch, it would be great to make contact with this side of the family.

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