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My genealogy to-do list for the week ahead (week 1)

3 Jan

A new year, full of new challenges and new opportunities. More stories to be uncovered and exciting discoveries to be made. And not forgetting the chance to do some filing and planning, where would we be without organisation?

  • Make a start on organising my family photos. Set up new folders under each surname for the photos that have been identified.
  • Work out the best way of naming and tagging the photos, both identified and unidentified.
  • Pick an unidentified photo and start trying to identify it.
  • Order the will and death certificate for Mercy STEADMAN (née TROWER) and go over the existing information I have for her.
  • Start putting together some basic to-do lists for some archive visits hopefully in the near future, based on the work I have already done for my Christmas Tree Project last year.

Overcome by the urge to organise

18 Aug

Something very strange is happening, these last few days I seem to have got the urge to organise. It doesn’t matter whether it is paper or digital I just seem to want to organise it (apologies to my wife because this enthusiasm only seems to stretch to family history).

I have a day off work tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be hot and sunny and I am seriously considering that I ought to stay at home and do some filing. What is wrong with me?

I have made some progress with my paper folders, I now have a bundle of pages from my GASSON research that I need to double check and make sure they are on my PC somewhere before I recycle them. I have set up a folder for my original family documents and started filing BMD certificates in there as I have come across them.

Over on my PC I have been sorting out photos, making a start on transcribing some of the gravestones from last May’s visit to Framfield (yes, I am that far behind). Inspired by Thomas’ post over at GeneaBloggers I have started looking into tagging my photos, rather than trying to put all the important details into the filename.

I have even started scanning some of my BMD certificates, having settled on a resolution and file format that I am happy with. I just need to make a note of the settings so I can make sure that all future ones are the same quality as well.

Filenames are something that I am pondering at the moment, especially for things like census images and the BMD certificates that I have been scanning. It is about time I decided on a standard for my filenames and stuck to it, so I am going to set up a simple text file with templates for each document type, once I have decided what the filename should contain. Suggestions welcome!

All in all it has been a productive few days, there is still lots to do but I feel I am making progress in getting my family history organised, which will hopefully make my research much more efficient.

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