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Unplugged: Swapping the hills for postcards

5 Feb

I should have been out walking on the South Downs today, but the weather was so miserable that we (my wife and I) decided not to bother. The weather here was nothing compared to the weather recently experienced around the world, just some light drizzle and strong wind, but it just wasn’t worth getting cold and wet when there will be plenty of opportunities later in the year to get out on the hills and hopefully enjoy the experience.

Instead of heading for the hills I headed for Haywards Heath, West Sussex and the Postcard and Collectors Fair at Clair Hall. The main reason I wanted to go was to get some storage supplies to house my growing collection of postcards. I need to have a bit of a sort out of my existing postcard albums to make their contents more logical and consistent, and also provide a new home for those postcards that don’t fit into any of my main collections and any modern postcards that I buy during my travels.

I had already decided that a cardboard box (like the ones the dealers use to hold their stock) would probably be the best bet for the odd historic and modern postcards, so I bought one of these along with a supply of protective plastic sleeves in two different sizes and a few plastic dividers. Now I am ready to spend some time organising my collections.

Of course I couldn’t come away without any postcards, although as you can see in the image above I didn’t buy that many. The postcard I bought were quite a cross-section in both age and subject, but there were a couple of real gems in there as well, which I am really pleased with (and will no doubt be showing off in due course). Time to get my scanner going again!

The hidden cost of online storage and backup

3 Mar

There are many different options available now for online storage, backup and synchronisation and a range of charges for these services. Many providers offer free storage space, but there is a hidden cost that will affect many users.

My current broadband package has a monthly usage limit of 10GB, which is just about enough for me at the moment, but if I was to start using an online backup service and start uploading large chunks of data, it could quite easily push me over the limit.

Of course there are ways around it, I could increase my usage limit or just go over the limit and pay the extra charges, but either way there is an extra expense that needs to be considered.

Ultimately I know that I will need to upgrade my broadband account in the future, but until that time I am going to stick with burning DVDs of my data on a regular basis and storing them off-site as part of my backup routine.

Vault Vednesday: English style

20 Jan

(With apologies to the The Ancestry Insider)

I have hijacked the Vault Vednesday series about FamilySearch’s Granite Mountain Record Vault, to introduce a storage “vault” in England.

The “vault” concerned is not in the side of a mountain, but buried deep under the Cheshire countryside. The DeepStore storage facility occupies a small part of Winsford Rock Salt Mine.

According to the website the salt mine consists of 110 miles of tunnels, which given the ongoing demand for rock salt, continues to grow. The storage facility occupies only 1% of the available space so there is still plenty of room for expansion.

The DeepStore website features a short Quicktime video tour of the facility, which gives you some idea of the scale of place, as well as the benefits of keeping your documents 500ft underground. Customers include the Cheshire Record Office and The National Archives.

A brief history of the mine is also included on the website as well as details on mining techniques. It is a shame that the mine does not offer tours to the general public, but then that would probably defeat the object of a secure document storage facility!

Lots more information about the salt mine itself can be found at the Winsford Rock Salt Mine website, including historic images and videos of the mining progress.

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