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NEWS: The world’s first genealogy stamps

21 Feb

It seems incredible that until now there hasn’t been a set of stamps dedicated to genealogy, but Isle of Man Stamps & Coins have put that right with the issue of a set of eight genealogy themed stamps on the 18th February 2011.

The eight stamps are a colourful set of stamps featuring a mixture of historic and modern images based on key aspects of genealogy featuring example from the Isle of Man, the border of the stamps bear the most common surnames occurring in the Isle of Man 1891 census.

The eight themes on the stamps are:

  • Baptisms
  • School Days
  • Working Life
  • Weddings
  • Family Album
  • Emigration
  • Memorials
  • Family Tree

The stamps were created in association with the Isle of Man Family History Society and Manx National Heritage and also celebrate the centenary of the Society of Genealogists.

The good news for UK genealogists (or those visiting) is that IOM Stamps & Coins will be at the Manx National Heritage stand at Who Do You Think You Are? Live next weekend (stand 903). They should have sets of the stamps for sale at the stand and although I am not really a stamp collector I think I might make an exception for these and pick up set.

As well as learning about Isle of Man research you can also enter a free draw at the stand to win a VIP research trip to the Isle of Man (it is a shame I don’t have any relatives on the Isle of Man to research).

If you can’t make it to Who Do You Think You Are? Live you can also order the stamps online through the Isle of Man Post Office Website.

I just can’t stop buying postcards

11 Oct

Whether it is in person at postcard fairs or online on eBay, I just can’t seem to stop buying postcards. Now I have even started buying postcards for no other reason than they would look good on my blog, trouble is I never get around to writing about them.

I went to another postcard fair today, in fact it was a Stamp and Postcard Fair, at Broadbridge Heath, Sussex. It would be wrong to say I have no interest in stamps, but I certainly don’t collect them and would have no idea where to start, so naturally it was the postcards I was after.

Postcard were not very well represented will only one decent size selection, but there were enough Sussex cards there to keep me busy for an hour or so before I had to walk back into Horsham to catch my bus home.

I came away with eight or nine postcards, of various places and subjects. I promise you will see some of them in the coming months. The postcards were a very good price to, so often I see cards that are a silly price, well outside of my price range and I wonder if they will ever sell, but today’s were really good value.

Now I think I am going to have to get some more pages for my postcard album, because I am getting seriously low on space!

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