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Happy St. George’s Day 2010

23 Apr

Happy St. George’s Day to all my readers, and that is about the limit as far as my celebrations of St. George’s Day will stretch. As I said last year, there is not really any great outpouring of patriotism surrounding the Patron Saint of England.

Perhaps it is because of this that I have struggled to find any historic postcards that celebrate St. George’s Day. I am sure there must be some with depictions of St. George but I haven’t found any. Instead I present you with a postcard of a church dedicated to him.

St. George's Church, Hurstpierpoint, Sussex

This is St. George’s Church in Hurstpierpoint, Sussex. I am not aware of any direct family link with this church, although there were several of my ancestors living nearby. This postcard was published by A.H. Homewood from nearby Burgess Hill, probably around 1905.

Personally, this card reminds me of my Sussex Day (16th June) walk last year when I visited Hurstpierpoint and passed by St. George’s Church.

St Georges Church, Hurstpierpoint

Sadly the church is not in use any more, or at least it wasn’t last year and I don’t expect the situation has changed since. I am sure that in the future a new use for it will emerge, at least it is now a Grade II listed building so it should receive some protection in the future.

Happy St George’s Day and looking forward to Sussex Day

23 Apr

Happy St George’s Day to all my readers.

Personally I didn’t do anything special to celebrate St George’s Day, and I think that is probably the way most English people celebrated it (or didn’t). There are a few special events planned across the country, but for the most part they are at the weekend because today is not a public holiday.

I wondered whether I should do something special today, but in true English style, couldn’t be bothered! There were no special events nearby, and it was just a normal working day. In a way it is quite sad that we don’t make more of a fuss about St George, but I also think it is quite good that it hasn’t become commercialised, like St Patrick’s Day for example.

I feel it is a very English way of saying to the greeting card shops and novelty souvenir manufacturers, “You’ve taken over Christmas, Easter and just about ever other special day, but we are not going to play ball with you on this one!” I am sure eventually the tide will change, but not just yet.

What I am more excited about is Sussex Day on the 16th June. This is a very new addition to the calendar, and the number of supporters are growing every year. I am certainly going to make an effort this year (I have already booked a day off work) to do something special, I will let you know when we get nearer the time what I have in mind.

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