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Picture Postcard Parade: The Main Road and Selsey Arms, West Dean.

8 Feb

Regular readers of my blog might recognize this view, I have featured similar views a couple of times before (here and here) and last week we were just up the road. It is of course the entrance to the ancestral village of West Dean (near Chichester), Sussex, with the school on the left and the Selsey Arms pub on the right.

The difference with this card is its age, this card is postmarked 16th August 1950, probably making it at least two or three decades later than the others, and it was published the well-known publisher Raphael Tuck and Sons, Ltd.

There are a couple of clues in the picture which hint at a more “modern” card. At the bottom of the card is the end of a white line in the middle of the road, according to Wikipedia the first white lines in the UK appeared in 1921. The other noticeable difference is the line of telegraph poles on the left hand side of the road, look at all those insulators on the nearest one.

The nearest pole also has a small sign attached to it, in fact it is probably two signs, one facing each way along the road. I believe that they have the word telephone on them (this printed postcard is not detailed enough to be able to tell for certain), indicating to passing motorists the presence of a telephone kiosk nearby. Last time I was wandering around West Dean there was a telephone box down the road on the right-hand side of the road, just before the pub.

I wish the card was more detailed because I think I can see a bus stop on the left-hand side of the road (for buses towards Midhurst, Sussex) beyond the pub. Today the bus stop is a bit closer, almost opposite the pub, and has a bus shelter for when it rains.

Picture Postcard Parade: Selsey Arms, West Dean

26 Oct

Continuing the West Dean theme, here is yet another postcard from the parish of West Dean (near Chichester), Sussex. This one is not in brilliant condition, with some foxing (those brown spots) particularly noticeable in the sky and on the road.

This card is unused but appears to be from the same series as some of the cards I have previously featured, the earliest of which was dated 1918, so I would imagine we are probably looking at the similar date for this one. Unfortunately the name of the photographer or publisher is still a mystery.

The building on the right is the Selsey Arms Public House, and I love the fact that there are two carts parked outside, along with their horses and a push bike leaning up against the front. The owners presumably inside enjoying some refreshment.

Just to the left of the photographer (out of shot) is West Dean school. I don’t know the names of the houses further up the road on the left. None of my maps (or those online) seem to name them, there appears to have been three houses, and at one time the house at the far end was the Post Office.

Picture Postcard Parade: West Dean, Sussex

14 Oct

Continuing the West Dean theme to my blog posts this week, here is a delightful postcard of West Dean, Sussex. You will probably get fed up with hearing about West Dean over the next few weeks, but I make no apologies, as it is one of the key places in my family history.

West Dean, Sussex

Not only is the picture delightful, so crisp and clear, but the card itself has lots of helpful features for the collector who wants to find out more about who published it and when. With reference to my earlier post about two West Deans in Sussex, there is no confusion which one this is, because the publisher has included a place as well as his name.

The publisher and photographer was Albert Henry Morey of nearby Chichester. The postcard was sent from West Dean on the 5th August 1914 (to an address in Watford), but from reading the description on the Sussex Postcards website (where there are some fantastic examples of his other work) it sounds like they may have been available several years earlier.

The picture is taken on the road from Chichester to Midhurst, looking roughly in an easterly direction. The large building on the right-hand side of the road is a pub, The Selsey Arms. I really must pop in next time I am in West Dean, as I have never been inside even though the bus stop is right outside. When I do I am sure I will be following in the footsteps of many of my ancestors.

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