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Sussex Day 2012: Part 7 – Eyesore on the ridge

24 Jun

Sussex Day 2012

Leaving Fulking behind the time had come to make my way up onto the South Downs themselves.

I left the road taking a footpath heading south, in a narrow space between two fields, the one on the right empty but the one on the left was occupied by two lively and curious horses.

My route up to the ridge was obvious from this distance, a deeply carved path snakes up the hill and my target marked on top of the hill by one of the metal giants that stride across the Downs, spoiling the view for miles.

Eyesore on the ridge

The South Downs Society have suggested that if Eon get permission to build their offshore wind farm and its associated onshore cable route then the opportunity should be taken to bury these power lines as well. I am sure there will be many cheers if or when this particular eyesore gets toppled.

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