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Picture Postcard Show 2010

4 Sep

Today was the last day of the annual three day Picture Postcard Show at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Lawrence Hall in London. I was up in London with my wife, pretending not to be tourists, so I had chance to pop in for a couple of hours and spend some money.

It was near the end of the third and final day when I visited, so I wasn’t too surprised to find it was pretty quiet. To be honest this made things easier for me, I was able to move from stand to stand without too much trouble, and perhaps after three day the dealers were glad to be able to wind down a bit.

The theme for this year’s displays was "London; A Capital City", but because I was pushed for time I didn’t really have time to study them closely, but there were lots of displays and many of the stands were decorated with examples of postcard artwork.

Despite my limited time I was able to come away with seven cards for my collection. Two were free souvenirs, one upon entry and one for buying something from Reflections of a Bygone Age, this second one was an excellent multi-view of the Elephant Parade.

Of the remaining five, one was relatively modern (probably 30 or 40 years old) just bought for the personal connection with my new job, the other four were much older, with family connections in one way or another and once I have scanned them they will probably be appearing on this blog. I say probably because I now have far too many postcards to blog about.

Although I was never likely to come away with any truly outstanding cards for my collection, there is after all a large percentage of national and international dealers (who will probably never have heard of the small Sussex villages I am interested in), I am nevertheless happy with what I did find and could easily have spent all day there soaking up the atmosphere and just looking at cards.

The Picture Postcard Show 2009

5 Sep

Today I attended the third and final day of the Picture Postcard Show 2009, at the Royal Horticultural Society Lawrence Hall, Greycoat Street, London. The show was organised by the Postcard Traders Association and is an annual event, probably the highlight of the British postcard collecting scene.

This years theme was “The Great British Seaside” and as expected there were some fabulous displays of postcards (and other material) about most aspects of the British seaside, with plenty of saucy comic postcards in evidence. The display which really stood out for me was one on the censorship of these saucy postcards, featuring material from the British Cartoon Archive.

In terms of my own collecting I came away with a few cards, perhaps more than I was expecting but still not many, and I certainly came away with some money in my pocket. I am sure you will be seeing some of these card on my blog in the near future, but to give you some idea, one was of West Grinstead Church (the FAIRS ancestral church) and one of The Main Road and Selsey Arms, West Dean (the BOXALL and MITCHELL families were from West Dean and the postcard shows the school that my grandfather and his brothers and sisters attend).

Perhaps the most remarkable thing was the free postcard that I got for buying a set of six Picture Postcard Show 2009 advertising cards. It is a modern card (the photo was taken in May 2009) and it shows a steam train emerging from Winchcombe tunnel. Winchcombe, Gloucestershire the village from which the tunnel gets it’s name is where my 2x great grandfather Henry BATEMAN was born, and where I hope to visit next year on holiday!

Probably the best find of the day, and it took a lot of finding, was not a postcard at all but a photo of the P&O ship S.S. Berrima, the ship on which my 2x great grandmother Dorothy Isabella BATEMAN sailed to Australia in 1921, and died within a week of arriving! To be honest the ship is quite a depressing sight and to my mind at least not a particularly nice ship to look at. I am not sure whether I will be able to show you this photo because of copyright issues, but I will have to see what I can do about getting permission.

The show wasn’t as busy as I was expecting, although by the sounds of it the previous two days had been busier. For me this was nice, not having to squeeze between hoards of people, by obviously not so good for the dealers. This was the reason I stayed longer at the show than I had originally planned and didn’t make it to the City of Westminster Archives Centre.

After spending almost five and a half hours on my feet, flicking through thousands of postcards I was only too pleased to get back on the train home. I am sure my neck and shoulders will be complaining tomorrow morning!

Weekly genealogy preview (for week 36)

30 Aug

Hmmm, looking back at last week’s goals it seems that I didn’t really manage to achieve most of them, but tomorrow is a bank holiday so I have an extra day off this week to try again.

  • This week I want to get my paperwork down to just three folders, one of original documents, one of general research material (although I am having second thoughts about keeping that one as well) and one where I need to scan or transcribe the information (some of that is gong to take some time). I still have another folder with filing materials (dividers and punched pockets) that I have salvaged from the other folders, and can’t bare to part with just yet, but that doesn’t count.
  • I still want to tidy up this blog. I haven’t got around to doing much work on it recently, other than posting. I have quite a few ideas for things I want to do, but it is just a question of finding time to do it.
  • I still haven’t been for a walk around Nuthurst, Sussex. I want to visit the church and New House Farm, but again it is just a question of finding the time to do it.
  • I really need to sort out the bookmarks on my PC. There are two reasons for this, firstly they are getting a bit out of hand and unmanageable (the need sorting into sub-folders or sub-sub-folders). The second reason is that I want to copy them over to my netbook, but I would rather they were better organised before I did it.
  • Next Saturday I am hoping to visit the Picture Postcard Show in London. I need to produce a list of places and subjects that I want postcards of, aside from my main collecting interests. Also I need to get a research plan in place should I have time after the show to pop into the City of Westminster Archives just up the road.

The Picture Postcard Show 2009 is coming

29 Jul

As well as picking up a postcard of Framfield Church at the weekend I also got a copy of the latest Picture Postcard Monthly (more about that at a later date) which included several reminders that The Picture Postcard Show 2009 is fast approaching.

The Picture Postcard Show (also known as BIPEX, the British International Postcard Exhibition) is being held from the 3rd to 5th September 2009 in Westminster, London and is one of the highlights (if not the highlight) of the postcard collector’s year in Britain.

As well as a large selection of national and international dealers selling a wide range of postcards, the show also features a themed exhibition of postcards, this years theme is The Great British Seaside.

It has been a few years since I have attended, but I hope to make it this year on the Saturday, and when I run out of money I can always make my way along to the Westminster City Archives (less than ten minutes walk away) for a spot of family history research.

Full details can be found on the Postcard Traders Association website, and whilst you are there check out the photos from last years event, and marvel over all those cards on offer.

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