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Fiddling with my Christmas Tree

26 Nov

Last night I got distracted and started fiddling with the layout of the chart for my Christmas Tree Project. I was mainly looking at the layout within the boxes on the chart, experimenting with some different options and wondering about whether to include photos or not.

My big concern is that I don’t really have enough photos of my ancestors, so those ancestors that I do have photos for will stand out more (and receive more attention) than those that I don’t.

I had planned to use a headshot of the individual, to try and get some sort of standardisation across the chart, and when I tried it out on a couple of people I thought it worked quite well.

To try introduce some standardisation, I would like to include a generic image of the same size as the headshot, for those individuals where there is no actual photo. The next question is what should that image be? The size of the image will be 120 pixels by 150 pixels, the same as the photos. The problem is that I can’t decide what to put in image.

I did think a silhouette or outline of a headshot would be good, but after a quick search online I couldn’t find any that I liked, most seemed to have hats or fancy hair which would make them stand out too much and probably not representative of my ancestors.

I did wonder about a few words such as “No photo available” or ‘”Do you have a photo of this ancestor?”. If the text is greyed-out then it shouldn’t detract too much, but to me it still seems a little too cluttered and not really necessary.

I did think I might just put in a large question mark, greyed-out so it doesn’t stick out too much. I think a question mark would get the message across, that I don’t know what they looked like.

What do you think? Have you had the same issue with a chart? What do you do when you have no photo of an ancestor? Am I worrying too much?

Gun Farm/Inn, Blackboys, Sussex

2 Jun

I still haven’t finished boring you with all my photos from my visit to Framfield and Blackboys at the beginning of May. This little selection are of Gun Farm (or Gun Inn) at Blackboys, the home of my 3x great grandparents Henry and Charlotte HEMSLEY.

My first glimpse of Gun Farm, Blackboys

My first glimpse of Gun Farm, Blackboys

This was my first glimpse of Gun Farm, I hadn’t realised it was at the bottom of a hill. It does show what beautiful countryside surrounds it though.

Gun Farm, just around the corner

Gun Farm, just around the corner

Nearing Gun Farm, it was possible to see just how overgrown the main house was, although the building itself looks in good condition from the outside.

A close-up of the farmhouse itself

A close-up of the farmhouse itself

Although from this photo the building doesn’t look too bad (just overgrown), if you look further round it had been extended and altered to such an extent that it looks almost like a different building.

The roof of Gun Farm

The roof of Gun Farm

Taken from back up the hill, not much of Gun Farm is visible here, but really this shows once again the fantastic landscape within which it sits. Although it looks quite isolated it is not far from the main road, and there are other houses nearby, but they are well hidden by trees.

Looking down Gun Road

Looking down Gun Road

This is a view down Gun Road from the main road. I still need to find out where the name Gun Road and Gun Farm comes from. I wouldn’t like to say which one came first, or what the Gun was (or who it was?) but it shouldn’t be too difficult to find out.

Just in case you lose your way

Just in case you lose your way

And finally, just in case you have lost your bearings, here is the fingerpost at Blackboys which points the way back to Framfield and Uckfield.

Framfield Photos: Part Two

14 May

My wife thinks I am obssessed with photos of gravestones, and doesn’t think it appropriate for me to post them on Facebook! Hopefully here I will have a more appreciative audience.

This is a batch of general views of the churchyard at Framfield, Sussex taken last Saturday (9th May 2009). I was surprised at how large the churchyard was for such a small place, there was quite a variety of gravestones, some quite recent but also some quite old in appearance with unreadable inscriptions.

The Walter Gardiner Photography Collection

14 Mar

I had the chance today to visit an exhibition at Worthing Library, Worthing, West Sussex of some of the works of Walter Gardiner. These will be of most interest to those people with Sussex ancestors.

There are some amazing images on display, which I understand is only a small percentage of the overall collection. Details of the acquisition of the collection can be found in this old article on the BBC South Today website, which includes a few examples, but more can be seen on the West Sussex Past Pictures website.

The exhibition continues until the 28th March 2009 at Worthing Library, admission is free, and there is a catalogue (costing £1) which provides further information about the photo (where it is known). As well as the prints on display, there is also a slide show presentation of more digital images from the collection.

For me the star of the show was a print of a motor bus outside the Chinese Gardens, Hurstpierpoint, Sussex c1900. And why was that so special? well apart from my liking for old buses and pub history there is also the fact that my great grandparents lived opposite the Chinese Gardens.

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