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Sussex Day 2012: Part 5 – Once a week each way

22 Jun

Sussex Day 2012

The next stop on the road running along the foot of the South Downs was Fulking, a small picturesque little village, consisting mainly of houses and farm buildings.

Particularly noticeable is the need for car ownership here, parked cars lined both sides of the road and a quick glance at the bus stop revealed one of the possible reasons for this.

The village receives only two buses a week, passing through on its way from Midhurst to Brighton and back again ever Monday. Assuming that they don’t run on bank holidays that means less than a hundred buses a year pass this way.

Once a week each way

One wonders if it gets much use. Anyone out walking this way and hoping to catch a bus home will likely have a long wait.

Makes me feel quite fortunate to have an hourly bus service but a few steps away from my front door.

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