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Mercy TROWER: what to do next

7 Feb

Having described what I already know about Mercy TROWER and what I want to find out, so now it is time to think about how I am going to do it.

To be honest I am not really sure what more I can do, it seems like I have checked every likely record to find a possible marriage, or two possible marriages for Mercy.

I have ordered her son’s marriage certificate, that may give me the name of his father, who may have been the STEADMAN that Mercy was supposed to have married, if not there is another man in her life that I will need to find out about.

The absence of any marriages in England and Wales (according to the GRO indexes) could suggest that the marriage took place elsewhere. There is no obvious sign of Mercy in any online passenger lists, but it may have been that she didn’t travel that far, so possibly Scotland or Ireland.

My searches of the GRO indexes have been confined to searching on FreeBMD. I need to actually check the indexes images in case something was missed in the transcription process, but I doubt it very much.

Likewise I should check with the local register office, just in case the marriage never made it into the main GRO index. The problem is that I don’t really know where the marriages might have taken place. It would guess it would have been in Sussex, in either Henfield or Brighton.

I could search for the death of a STEADMAN between 1884 and 1891, but the number of death certificates I would need to buy would be too expensive. Although I could start locally (Steyning Registration District) and work outwards, but the odds of finding the correct record are not good.

The only way I would know if I had found the right one is if Mercy (or another TROWER) was the informant, but of course I could find the right STEADMAN and not know it was the correct one if someone else had registered the death.

So, I think I will do three things in my attempt to solve the mystery surrounding Mercy’s life:

  1. Wait for the marriage certificate of Ernest John TROWER to arrive, and hope it provides more clues.
  2. Check the GRO index images to make sure Mercy’s marriage wasn’t missed in the transcription process.
  3. Search the local papers (Sussex Daily News and West Sussex County Times) from 1882 to 1891 to see if there is any mention of Mercy and either of her possible husbands.

Scanner frustration

23 Sep

Yesterday evening I thought I would get down to scanning some paper documents, but my scanner had other ideas.

I had scanned some of my recent postcard purchases (I really must get around to showing you them) without any problems, but things started going wrong when I tried scanning some newspaper prints.

I had gathered together about a dozen A4 pages which I had printed from a variety of local newspapers. I had scanned five or six pages when my printer/copier/scanner froze. The scanner thought it was still scanning, my PC thought it was scanning, but it was doing nothing.

All attempts to cancel the job proved futile and I had to shut down the PC. The printer/copier/scanner refused to shut down until I pulled out the power cable. Half an hour later after several reboots I finally got the printer/copier/scanner and PC talking again, but I had lost all the scans I had already done, because the scanner doesn’t save the documents until you actually close the program down.

I suspect it was a memory issue which caused the problem in the first place, my old PC is low on memory and I don’t think it could cope with the size of the scans I was doing. I realise I could have changed the settings, but I was happy with the quality of the scans I was getting. Instead I chose to close the program after each scan and start afresh. It probably took twice as long, but it worked. Now I am dreading having to do the next batch.

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