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Should I go to the National Family History Fair at Gateshead?

23 Jul

I got the idea into my head this morning that it would be fun to visit The National Family History Fair on Saturday the 12th September 2009 at Gateshead International Stadium.

Of course the problem is that Gateshead is not particularly local to me, somewhere between 350 to 400 miles away, and I can’t really justify the cost of train or coach fares and accommodation for just one day (in fact just six and a half hours) of family history.

I may have a solution though, it is not ideal but might just work. After finishing work on the Friday I could take a train to London, hang around for a few hours and then catch the overnight coach to Newcastle, arriving around six in the morning, then it would be a question of getting the Metro to Gateshead Stadium. Going home would be exactly the same but in reverse, probably arriving home around midday on Sunday.

So practically it could be done and I wouldn’t need to take any time off work. Looking at the coach fares it could be done quite cheaply as well, it would probably cost me more to get to London in the first place than from London to Newcastle.

The question is do I want to spend two nights sleeping (or trying to sleep) on a coach and spend the day at the family history fair looking (and smelling) like someone who hasn’t washed for over 24 hours? I don’t think my fellow genealogists really deserve that (or the passengers that would have to travel back on the same coach as me), so back to the drawing board for that idea!

Help! I’ve run out of genealogy events this year!

7 May

When I looked in my diary last night it appeared that I had no more family history events to attend this year! Can that really be true? It certainly looks that way, no more large family history events in south-east England this year. Surely I must have missed something?

It has been a busy four (and a bit) months, two local family history fairs, the Sussex Family History Group conference, Who Do You Think You Are Live and last weekend The Family History Event.

Perhaps this is a good thing, it will give my wallet chance to recover and I have no shortage of other things to do with my time, but I will miss spending time in the company of other genealogists and listening to expert lectures.

All is not lost, perhaps all I need to do is cast my net a little wider. Maybe I could travel further a field within England, like the National Family History Fair at Gateshead in September.

There are probably some smaller events and lectures going on, not necessarily full days, that I could attend and maybe not just family history, but local and general history as well.

Then again perhaps I don’t need to travel at all, perhaps I could get more involved in some of the online communities, although I think my ageing PC will probably not be up to the likes of Second Life.

Of course there is always Roots Television, there is probably enough content on there to keep me occupied for several days, some of the presentations may not be strictly relevant to my research but I am sure they will be interesting nevertheless.

Actually in retrospect it looks like things could be getting quite busy again! If you have any suggestions for genealogy or history events in England (or online) that I (and my readers) could attend then leave me details in a comment.

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