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Tidying up some loose ends and giving myself permission to move on

1 Jul

Things have got a bit untidy on my desktop recently. I seem to have acquired several text files of extracted records in my various explorations of my family tree, as well as during some of my database cleansing.

So before things get too far out of hand I am going to have a purge before the weekend, so I will be able to concentrate on FAIRS research and other projects, rather than all these other distractions.

For instance take Mary Ann WELLER, I have several census entries and baptism records for the rest of her siblings and parents which I need to enter into Family Historian. Then I can order her birth certificate and know that when it arrives I can pick up where I left off.

As well as not being able to make decisions, I am also not very good at finishing things off. I have too many unfinished projects sitting on my desk (and on my mind) which is why the mothballing process I described a while back is so helpful to me.

It draws a line under a project (albeit one that can be erased at a later date) and gives me permission to move on. By doing so I am admitting that it is not finished and furthermore I am not going to do any more work on it now, but I don’t need to worry about it, because it will all still be there when I am ready to come back to it.


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