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Who Do You Think You Are? Live 2011 : The Countdown Begins

19 Nov

The dates have been announced, the first celebrity guest has been announced, the new website is now live and tickets go on sale next week, it can only mean one thing – the countdown to Who Do You Think You Are? Live 2011 has begun.

Next years event will be the fifth and will be held between Friday 25th February and Sunday 27th February 2010 at Olympia National Hall, London. According to the website tickets will be available to buy online from next week.

The first celebrity guest has been named as Monty Don (who was in the most recent series), with more apparently lined up to take part.

I can’t wait to find out what else the organisers have got up their sleeves, but one thing is for certain, I will be booking the time off work next week and ordering the tickets as soon as I can.

Who Do You Think You Are? Live 2010

Who Do You Think You Are? – Monty Don

10 Aug

I am still a little undecided about last night’s episode of Who Do You Think You Are? featuring Monty Don. It was certainly watchable, but I didn’t really feel that it was memorable. At least it didn’t irritate me like the first two episodes or have me shouting at the TV about poor research.

Monty Don seemed quite laid back about about the whole thing and there were few signs of the excitement or enthusiasm that we saw last week with Dervla Kirwan. The situation from the start was one many will be familiar with, one side of the family seems to dominate in family stories and background, with others barely getting a look in.

The two stories featured were both quite interesting, but the show was trying to look more at the reasons why things happened and the personalities and conflicts of the people involved, which is not easy unless diaries and journals have been left behind, as the vast majority of records involve hard facts and not emotions or personality. Even then it can sometimes be a very one sided.

I think this is probably what turned me off from the programme. Trying to understand the motivations behind our ancestor’s actions is difficult, and this programme just about managed to stay on the right side of fiction (unlike the Rupert Everett one).

There seemed a fair bit of research going on, although not as much as last week. I was surprised there was no trip to New Zealand to explore that part of the story further. I was especially pleased to see Monty Don with a notebook scribbling things down, rather than just relying on the cameras to catch everything, this gives me hope that the stories and research will live on beyond just the filming.

Overall I felt this episode was an improvement on the first two, but not quite up to the standard of last week and still below par compared to earlier series. Still, it gives me hope for the rest of this series.

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