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The BBC Archive (sorry UK residents only)

4 Jun

I have been rather distracted this evening by the BBC Archive website, they have some great material on there. Unfortunately if you live outside the UK you won’t be able to watch the videos, but there are still other documents you can read, but that is not quite the same is it!

What lead me there were the documents relating to George Orwell, but I soon got distracted by the Steam Trains Collection. Being a lover of steam trains I was in heaven. The children’s newsreel “A Dog’s Day Out” is quite charming, a short silent film about a dog taking a day trip to Eastbourne, Sussex by train. Michael Palin’s “Confessions of a Train Spotter” is another excellent programme (which I do have on video somewhere).

I just wish you all could watch them as well. I can see I will be spending a lot  more time here in the near future.

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