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… and whilst we are on the subject, where do I get my indecisiveness from?

22 May

Why do I find it so hard to make a decision? Is it something I inherited from one of my ancestors? If so, which one?

All of these questions crossed my mind as I tried to decide what I was going to do today. In truth I had known that I had to make a decision for several days, but had been putting it off.

My two options for today were walking another section of the South Downs Way or going to the postcard fair at Woking, Surrey. There were of course other options, such as staying at home and doing nothing, but I had at least narrowed it down to these two possibilities.

I could always toss a coin for it, but the logical side of me thinks that I should be able to make the decision without using luck. The problem is that although I can see all the advantages and disadvantages for each of the options, it still doesn’t help me make up my mind either way.

So it makes me wonder, did my ancestors have the any difficultly making decisions? If I had a time machine would I be able to go back and find my ancestors sitting on the fence?

Their decisions probably wouldn’t have been quite so trivial as mine, but is indecisiveness something that gets passed down through the generations, or something you learn from those around you?

Kreativ Blogger Award: Seven (and a bit) things about me

24 Nov

Let me start by saying thank you to Karen over at the Twigs to Roots blog for bestowing a Kreativ Blogger Award on me and my blog. It is great to have a new geneablogger with English ancestry, and more importantly with Sussex ancestry, so I am no longer alone blogging about my Sussex ancestors!

Apparently I have to pass this award on to seven other bloggers, which is not going to be easy. I never have been good at making decisions, so forgive me if I sit on the fence for a bit longer.

The other thing I am supposed to do is tell you seven things about me, preferably things that I haven’t told you about before. Whilst I am deciding who to give the award to (and never being one to stick to the rules!), I thought I would give you something to think about. So instead of seven facts about me I am going to give you eight, but only seven of them are true.

  1. I have only left England six times in my life.
  2. My favourite band is the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band.
  3. In my final years at school I excelled in maths, but failed in history.
  4. I have not had a day off work sick for over seven years.
  5. My favourite food is a crispy bacon sandwich with tomato ketchup.
  6. I once owned a pair of fluorescent yellow socks.
  7. I can’t drive a car, but was once trained to drive a forklift truck.
  8. I have more books than I will probably ever have time to read.

So which one of these do you think is false? Can I lie convincing in a blog post? Let me know in the comments and I will give you the answer in a few days.

Torn between the archives and the great outdoors

20 May

I never have been any good at decision making, and now I can’t decide whether to go to the Hampshire Record Office or spend the day walking, enjoying the sunshine that is forecast.

I had planned to go to Winchester this Saturday, but as this looks like the best day of the bank holiday weekend in terms of weather it seems a shame to waste it indoors. For a change I am pretty much ready to go to the Hampshire Record Office, I know what I want to find out and there is no engineering work on the railway (which is unusual for a bank holiday weekend!)

Pulling me in the opposite direction are the fields and hedgerows, the hills and valleys, the churchyards and gravestones, but most of all the thought of spending some time on my own, going where I like. Just me, a map, my walking boots and enough money for a pub lunch.

Perhaps it’s living with the British weather that does this? Does something deep inside me make me feel the need to seize the opportunity and get out into the countryside and enjoy the sunshine because it might be the last chance I get this year (which is silly because summer is just around the corner).

I wonder if my ancestors ever had this much trouble making decisions?

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