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Playing with Google Image Search

26 Jul

Last Saturday Alex of the Winging It blog wrote about the new format image search on Google.com. I thought it would be a bit of fun to try out the new search on my blog name.

Google Image search

The results were a little surprising, there sitting almost in the middle is Alex, or rather her avatar. How on earth did you get in there Alex? At least my picture got into the results first, although slightly more worrying is the fact that my old walking boots came before my profile picture (assuming the results are displayed left to right, top to bottom).

It was quite nice looking at the rest of the results, they brought back memories of some of my wanderings (including Dorking, Buxted, Blackboys and Lewes) and there is a decent selection of some of the postcards I have blogged about, although the one in the bottom-right is not one of mine.

Bizarrely once you get beyond the first page the accuracy disappears, most are not my images but when I think about them most of them are in some way connected with things I have written about or blogs I am linked to.

Does a Google Image Search of your blog title throw up any unusual or unexpected results?

2010 to do list – sort my photos and postcards

26 Dec

Between now and the new year I will be writing about some of the things I want to achieve with my family history in 2010.

I have loads of photos on my hard drive and dozens of postcards, some of which have been scanned. However these photos and postcards are not really part of my family history yet, in their present state they add nothing to the story of my ancestors.

My photos can be broadly divided into two categories, old photos of people and modern photos of places and gravestones. The postcards add to this historic images of places. All of these images need to be integrated into Family Historian, to illustrate people, places, events and sources.

The first step is to sort all these images out into some sort of order and devise some logical file naming convention. Once they are sorted and in the correct folders I can start linking them into Family Historian in the relevant places, where they can be used to illustrate my family tree and its reports.

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