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Frozen Friday

3 Dec

I think this picture pretty much sums up our weather these past few days. Like most of the UK we have experience a pretty sharp cold spell. This photo was taken around lunchtime today when the temperature almost (but not quite) made it above freezing.

I wrote on Tuesday that we had seen our first dusting of snow this winter, well the following morning there was more than a dusting, about an inch and a half. Much to my surprise the local bus service was still running and I made it to the local railway station, only to find there were no trains going my way. After two and a half hours I made my way back home defeated.

Thursday morning I woke up to about a foot of snow and I knew I wouldn’t be going anywhere. There was supposed to be a bus service running but no trains, so no work for me again. Today was much the same, most of the snow was still with us but the temperature had taken it upon itself to drop to -6°c. Although there buses and trains were starting to get back to normal, still no work for me.

Every year this happens, we get a cold spell and some snow and everything stops working for a few days. Some people point to other countries who live with snow all year and complain that we can’t cope with a few days of snow, but I think it happens so infrequently that we should just accept the fact that we are going to get caught out every so often.

I don’t know if I have mentioned it before, but I record the weather (temperature and rainfall) and have done for the past twenty or so years, on a very amateur basis, so looking at my records I can see that although we don’t usually have snow this early into the winter, it is not unusally for the temperature to drop to -6°c.

The weekend is set to warm up and we are forecast to have rain and not snow, so after a brief hiccup our weather will be getting back to normal.

Snow Shovel Sunday

10 Jan

I’m not trying to start a new blogging meme, just recording the fact that for what I believe is the first time in my life I have been shovelling snow today.

I don’t remember ever having to shovel snow before. I think mainly because when I was living with parents we were so far away from the main road it would have been an impossible task.

Of course it is very rare that we have more than an inch of snow here in Sussex, and it is nearly always gone within a couple of days anyway.

Today we awoke to find the snow was finally beginning to melt, and things are beginning to get back to normal, so I cleared a path to the main road so my wife can get her car out tomorrow.

The weather forecast looks better and temperatures are starting to rise, so I doubt the snow will be with us much longer now, although there are still some large chunks of ice about which may take a while to disappear.

Snow across Sussex

6 Jan

Last night saw heavy snow fall across most of the South of England. I know some people will say that four inches of snow is not that much, but for us here in Sussex it is quite unusual to see that much snow in one day.

Sussex in the snow

What has been most surprising is that although it has continued snowing all day, the main roads in our area are quite clear (the photo above is a country lane nearby). That will all change tonight when the temperature drops below zero and everything turns to ice.

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