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Sussex Day 2009: Part 8 – Hazeldene Terrace to Hurstpierpoint Cemetery (hang on in there, I’ve almost reached the end!)

24 Jun

This stage of my Sussex Day walk was another quite short section with the destination being more interesting than the actual walk.

From Hazeldene Terrace it was a case of retracing my steps up Western Road, taking a short-cut through Manor Road onto Cuckfield Road and following that to the High Street. The cemetery is a short way along the High Street at the end of South Avenue.

A couple of relations are buried here or have their ashes interred here, although I only knew the exact location of one, my great grandfather Henry John TROWER. His grave is marked by a small headstone and a holly tree.

It occurs to me as I write this that my great grandfather has unintentionally become a constant theme running through this walk. He was baptised at Henfield Church, married (twice) at Sayers Common Church, lived at Vicarage Cottage, worked at Cobbs Mill, lived in Hazeldene Terrace, his funeral was held at Hurstpierpoint Church and he was buried in Hurstpierpoint Cemetery.

I wandered around the cemetery in the hope of discovering another relation, it wasn’t a methodical search, just a random wandering checking out the names. To my surprise I did find someone. A simple plaque marked the location of the ashes of William BURT, my great grandfather’s second wife’s second husband (we knew him as Uncle Bill, which was a lot easier).

I like Hurstpierpoint Cemetery, it is well looked after (the north-west corner has been kept uncut to allow wild flowers to grow) and still in use, it is quite small and compact, with a nice brick chapel and all enclosed by a solid brick wall, to the south the view is across to the South Downs and Wolstonbury Hill.

Sussex Day 2009: Part 7 – Hurstpierpoint Church to Hazeldene Terrace

23 Jun

Hazeldene Terrace is another address in Hurstpierpoint which doesn’t seem to appear in any modern sources, but fortunately I knew where it was. Hazeldene Terrace is now part of Western Road, a short walk west and north of the church, in an area known as West Town.

I had been there many times as a child, to visit my great grandfather’s second wife who lived there, but something wasn’t quite right here…

The house I remember visiting was 102 Western Road, although the front had changed I was sure it was the right house, but that would have been No. 4 Hazeldene Terrace. The address I had for my great grandfather (Henry John TROWER) was No. 5 Hazeldene Terrace, was my memory playing tricks on me?

There was only one way to find out, I took out my mobile phone and called my parents. My father answered, he was a little surprised to hear I was in Hurstpierpoint and even more surprised that I had walked here. I asked him if he remembered what number house in Western Road that his grandfather had lived in. He wasn’t sure, but it was next door to No. 102, which his wife had moved into when she remarried!

So I wasn’t going mad (not just yet anyway), both No.4 and No. 5 Hazeldene Terrace had family connections. In all my years researching my family history my father hadn’t mentioned it to me, and I hadn’t thought to ask the question, until now!

No. 5 Hazeldene Terrace (100 Western Road) was the most interesting to me because the address keeps cropping up in records and not just those relating to my great grandfather. I seems that whenever a member of the TROWER (and later STANDING) family needed a place to stay (such as before they got married) they turned up at this house.

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