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Genealogy gold discovered in a newspaper

21 Apr

Sometimes it is worth taking a chance and searching for things which you don’t really expect to find. Such was the case last week at the Brighton History Centre, when I had an hour to spare in Brighton and wanted to check a local newspaper for details of the sale of the Gun Inn at Blackboys in Framfield, Sussex.

I had a date for the sale and wanted to find out who had been the auctioneers responsible, so I could see if there might be a sale catalogue for the Gun Inn languishing in an archive somewhere. I found the advert I was expecting (although not as much information as I had hoped) and a brief report the following day confirming that the sale took place.

The sale was as a result of the death of Henry HEMSLEY my 3x great grandfather who was the owner, occupier and licensee of the Gun Inn. I thought that as I had the microfilm loaded into the reader and I knew the date of Henry’s death from his headstone, that I might as well check to see if there was a mention of his death or burial.

To be honest I wasn’t expecting to find anything, perhaps a brief notice about his death or maybe something longer if his cause of death had been unusual. There didn’t really seem much chance of find anything more than a few sentences.

What I found was a report of his funeral that had so much detail in it that it will probably take me several weeks to actually process it all. I don’t think I have ever seen a newspaper report for one of my ancestors that goes into such detail, come to think of it, I don’t think I have ever found the report of a funeral for any of my ancestors.

I don’t think I have the space to bore you with all the details in this post, but if you are interested you can have a look at my¬†transcription as a pdf. Over the next couple of days I will highlight some of the information that makes it so valuable to my research.

Gun Farm/Inn, Blackboys, Sussex

2 Jun

I still haven’t finished boring you with all my photos from my visit to Framfield and Blackboys at the beginning of May. This little selection are of Gun Farm (or Gun Inn) at Blackboys, the home of my 3x great grandparents Henry and Charlotte HEMSLEY.

My first glimpse of Gun Farm, Blackboys

My first glimpse of Gun Farm, Blackboys

This was my first glimpse of Gun Farm, I hadn’t realised it was at the bottom of a hill. It does show what beautiful countryside surrounds it though.

Gun Farm, just around the corner

Gun Farm, just around the corner

Nearing Gun Farm, it was possible to see just how overgrown the main house was, although the building itself looks in good condition from the outside.

A close-up of the farmhouse itself

A close-up of the farmhouse itself

Although from this photo the building doesn’t look too bad (just overgrown), if you look further round it had been extended and altered to such an extent that it looks almost like a different building.

The roof of Gun Farm

The roof of Gun Farm

Taken from back up the hill, not much of Gun Farm is visible here, but really this shows once again the fantastic landscape within which it sits. Although it looks quite isolated it is not far from the main road, and there are other houses nearby, but they are well hidden by trees.

Looking down Gun Road

Looking down Gun Road

This is a view down Gun Road from the main road. I still need to find out where the name Gun Road and Gun Farm comes from. I wouldn’t like to say which one came first, or what the Gun was (or who it was?) but it shouldn’t be too difficult to find out.

Just in case you lose your way

Just in case you lose your way

And finally, just in case you have lost your bearings, here is the fingerpost at Blackboys which points the way back to Framfield and Uckfield.

Finding too many HEMSLEY distractions

15 Apr

My diversion up my HEMSLEY line was only meant to be a brief family tree gap filling exercise over Easter, but it is rapidly turning into a major project. Hopefully today I can draw a temporary line underneath it and return to my MITCHELL and KINGHORN research.

It is also getting dangerously close to wrecking my plans for a trip to the West Sussex Record Office (WSRO) this weekend. Not only do I need time to finalise my plans/goals for my visit to the WSRO, but the HEMSLEYs are pulling me in the opposite direction.

Naturally I want to go and visit Blackboys (the hamlet in Framfield parish) where the HEMSLEYs lived, but there is more urgency in this case because Gun Farm (formerly The Gun Inn and home of my 3x great grandparents) is up for sale as a development opportunity. Although I expect the economic situation will delay any development, I would still like to get out there and get some photos soon.

Hopefully somewhen in the next four or five weeks I can get out to Framfield and Blackboys, not only to visit Gun Farm but also Framfield church, where I am sure that there will be lots of gravestones to photograph and monumental inscriptions to transcribe.


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