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North Downs Way: Guildford to Seale

5 Jun

We should have been in Kent today walking the next section of the North Downs Way, but given that it was also likely to be the hottest day of the year so far we thought it would be wise to find a route where we could finish early if things got too hot.

The section from Guildford to Farnham is either the start or end of the North Downs Way, and it is part of the route that we had so far not done, having started somewhere near the middle and heading east. So we decided we should walk part of this section, with the understanding that we probably wouldn’t complete the full 11 miles today. In the end we made as far as Seale, Surrey, which was about 7 miles.

To be honest this was a rather disappointing part of the North Downs Way, it didn’t feel like we were actually on the North Downs, there were no real hills to speak of, so there were virtually no interesting views to speak of, the best I could find was the one below, which shows how flat the landscape was.

Not much of a view

There were a few interesting sights along the way, one of the most bizarre was the huge wooden cross on a bridge near the village of Compton, Surrey. The bridge with the cross (actually crosses because there is one on the other side as well) carries the B3000 road. Apparently the crosses indicate that road passing beneath is part of the Pilgrim’s Way.

Cross on bridge

Another interesting thing about this walk is that for a large part of it the path was very sandy, in fact it was almost like walking on a beach (shame I didn’t pack a bucket and spade). I am not a geologist, but it appears to be natural, and we saw at least one sand pit nearby. It is not the only part of the route to have sandy paths, the paths leading up St Martha’s Hill to the east of Guildford were also thick with sand.

Sandy path

The village of Seale was quite pretty, but for us it marked the end of our walk, because there is a bus stop nearby on the A31 which would take us to Guildford (by way of Farnham, so we did get there in the end). The war memorial at Seale has one of the finest backdrops I have seen.

Seale war memorial

Walking Guildford to Dorking

15 Aug

Today was a walking day. It had been far too long since I went out for a proper walk, so today my friend Chris and I walked a 13 mile section of the North Downs Way.

Although I said in the title we walked from Guildford to Dorking that isn’t exactly true. We started just south of Guildford at Shalford Park and end up just north of Dorking at West Humble. The route was quite easy going with only a couple of tougher hill climbs (but still not too challenging), most of the path followed the contours of the hills rather than up and down.

The weather wasn’t brilliant, the sun did put in an appearance towards the end, but for most of the time it was overcast and on one occasion there were a few spots of light rain. This does mean that the views weren’t particular spectacular, but I did get a few photos, but most of them were quite disappointing.

The photo below is of the town of Dorking, Surrey taken from the side of the hill over looking the vines of the Denbies Wine Estate.

Dorking, Surrey and the Denbies Wine Estate

Dorking, Surrey and the Denbies Wine Estate

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