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It’s not you, it’s me (or why I have trouble committing to social networks)

30 Jul

I have still not joined GenealogyWise (and probably won’t now) and I am gradually spending less and less time on Facebook, and I will probably be gone from there completely by the end of August.

It seems that I am not the only one that seems to be losing interest in social networking. Many people cite the amount of time that it takes to keep up with updating everything. For me though I think it is a case of not really enjoying the whole process. If it was something that I enjoyed then I would find the time to do it.

So for example if I had to make the choice between spending an hour reading a book or an hour watching television, I would almost certainly choose to read a book, knowing I would enjoy that more and probably receive greater benefit from doing so.

It must be my personality, because whether it is walking or researching, in real life or online, I much prefer to build a relationship on a one to one basis than as part of a larger group. Basically I am a loner, I will walk for miles on my own (and I am mostly happy that way), but that doesn’t mean I don’t stop and chat to people, but I don’t think I could ever see myself going rambling as part of a larger group.

So what I am saying is that social networking doesn’t appeal to my solitary instincts, and if it doesn’t interest me then I don’t feel inclined to spend any time on it. I would rather be doing something I found more enjoyable.

I think there is a certain element of peer pressure involved, and I have never been one to do what was expected of me, so just remember if you don’t enjoy doing it and you don’t have to do it, then don’t bother doing it. Life is short enough already and I still have plenty of ancestors to track down (now that is my idea of fun).

The Great Genealogy Rush of July 2009

10 Jul

A comment from Evelyn on my post about not wanting to get involved in GenealogyWise, made me realise that I had heard about this sort of behaviour before. It was conjuring up images of a gold rush, admittedly my knowledge of gold rushes comes from films, so probably not really 100% accurate.

Wikipedia describes a gold rush as “a period of feverish migration of workers into the area of a dramatic discovery of commercial quantities of gold.” Substitute a few words here and there and what I was seeing was everyone flooding in and staking their claim on their own patch of genealogical cyberspace. Perhaps not hoping to find gold, but genealogical treasure of one sort or another.

Now I am not trying to say that this is good or bad thing, just that it is not for me. I am sure things will eventually calm down and once the dust settles there may well be some rich pickings, but for now I will sit in my corner out of the way until the stampede is over.

Too anti-social for social networking?

9 Jul

I am finding it very hard to get excited about the latest social networking website Genealogy Wise. I nearly signed up yesterday morning, but thought I would have to take some time to read their privacy policy first so didn’t bother. However I think it is apathy that is stopping me signing up now.

I couldn’t be bothered with Myspace, far too messy and noisy for my liking. I do have a Facebook account, but I only go on there to play Scrabble these days, and that application nearly cripples my PC now, so that probably won’t last much longer. If my friends wanted to be reunited with me then they could probably find me without the need for a website, and if they couldn’t, well that probably wasn’t a bad thing.

I have no need for a Second Life (there is not enough time in the day for the first one) and no PC that would cope with it anyway. I have never felt the urge to Tweet or follow anyone else, so I don’t see why I should start now. I don’t even have my family tree online, although I know I probably should.

Come to think of it I am not even sure why I am blogging either? But please don’t let me spoil the party. I have nothing against Genealogy Wise or any of the other social networking sites (or their users), but I do find it increasingly harder to find much (if any) enthusiasm for any of them.

Perhaps it is being a restrained Englishman that does it, or perhaps it is being a simple country boy that makes me want to run in the opposite direction from a frenzied crowd of social networkers.

So if you don’t mind I will leave you all to your groups and discussions, you all carry on poking each other (or whatever it is you youngsters do these days) and I’ll go and have a quiet sit down in the corner and read a book or perhaps do some research, and if you could keep the noise down a bit that would be marvellous. Thank you.

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