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How I navigate the Ancestry.co.uk databases

8 Jan

Randy Seaver over at Genea-Musings posted about his method for navigating the census databases at Ancestry.com, so I thought I would share the method I use for getting around Ancestry.co.uk quickly and easily.

Basically I use the bookmarks toolbar in the Firefox browser to create my own quick links to the various search pages at Ancestry.co.uk that I regularly use. These are just bookmarked pages, all stored in the same folder and that folder is made available on a toolbar across the top of the browser. The screenshot below will hopefully show what I mean.

Ancestry bookmarks toolbar

So to jump from one census to another (or from anywhere on the internet to an Ancestry database) all I have to do is click once on the folder in the toolbar, and then click again on the item in the list that drops down. Two clicks and I am there, or with three clicks (left-right-left) I can have it open on a new tab.

I am sure I can’t be the only one that uses this method, and I don’t know that it is any quicker or easier than any other method, but I have found it works for me.

To learn more about the bookmarks toolbar visit the Firefox Support page. I believe a similar sort of thing is available on Internet Explorer, where the bookmarks toolbar it is known as the Favorites Bar.


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