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A puzzling group photograph

21 Apr

Of all the photographs in my collection this is probably the most distressed, but it is also one of the most interesting. I just wish I knew more about it.

There are a couple of people in this photo who look familiar, the woman on the front-left could be my great-grandmother Minnie Driver/Hemsley/Farlow and the young woman on the front-right could be my grandmother Annie Hemsley.

The old man at the back might be my great-grandmother’s second husband but I less sure about that. Also the woman with the large black hat looks familiar, but I am not sure from where.

That still leaves plenty of other people to be identified, including the little boy at the front. Of course there is also the location to be identified, a lovely rural backdrop with farm buildings and a haystack.

Using the digital image I need to put in some work on cleaning up the photo and then attempt to put a date to the photo, to see these are the people I think they might be.

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GRO Death Index now complete on Ancestry.co.uk

1 Dec

This morning before work I spotted on their Recent Genealogy Databases page that Ancestry had updated the England & Wales, Death Index: 1984-2005. When I clicked on the link it took me to the search page for the 1984-2005 Death Index, but when I searched for the surname GASSON it came up with lots of entries, not just the 1984-2005 date range.

The search results pages shows that the index now covers 1916 to 2005. Like they have previously done with the births and marriages, Ancestry have now made the entire GRO Death Index searchable by name and linked to the page images (with the help of FreeBMD for the earlier ones). They just haven’t made it very obvious yet!

This is fantastic news for those of us with English and Welsh ancestry, what was previously a long search through the indexes, page by page, quarter by quarter, year by year, can now be done in a matter of seconds.

I didn’t have much time to try it out, but my first thought was try and find the death of Moses FARLOW, my great-grandmother’s second husband. This is quite a typical situation, you know a rough date (1940s or 50s) and you have an idea of the location (somewhere in the Chichester, Sussex area) where the event occurred.

Until now it would mean searching all the FARLOWs for a range of years until you find a match, so for an uncommon name like FARLOW that is four pages a year (one for each quarter) for however many years it takes. With the new index I was able to find his entry in a matter of seconds and easily check the image. For the record Moses died Q4 1946 in Chichester Registration District.

This early Christmas present from Ancestry is going to help me “kill off” a lot of people in my tree, for which I have not had the time to search for manually before now. My efforts to extract all GASSON and TROWER entries were put on hold last year, once it became obvious that Ancestry were going to index the whole lot and I only needed to wait a little bit longer.

If you have trouble finding the Death Index, just head for the 1984-2005 link and search from there. Despite what the pages may say, it will probably actually be the 1916-2005 index, alternatively just click here. I am sure Ancestry will get their titles sorted out in a couple of days. In the meantime get in there quick before everyone else realises!

Blogging to you live from High Hurstwood, Sussex (well nearly)

19 Aug

This is the first time my new netbook has been out in the field with me, and although it is extra weight to carry, this is only a gentle walk today so it is not too bad.

I have made my way to Holy Trinity Church, High Hurstwood, Sussex first by bus (or rather buses) and then about an hours walk. I am sitting on a bench in the churchyard and this is the wonderful view I can see.

View from a bench at High Hurstwood, Sussex

View from a bench at High Hurstwood, Sussex

Holy Trinity is to my mind quite an unusual church because of it’s shape, all sorts of odd bits are sticking out here and there. I think quirky would be a good word to describe it. The photo from the front (below) will show you what I mean.

Holy Trinity Church, High Hurstwood, Sussex

Holy Trinity Church, High Hurstwood, Sussex

My route here took me past Stone House Cottage, just outside High Hurstwood itself, where my grandmother Annie HEMSLEY was born and where her father Henry Herbert HEMSLEY died. It is his gravestone that I am hoping to find here at Holy Trinity Church, although I have no idea whether he was buried or cremated here or not.

The other reason for visiting Holy Trinity is because my widowed great grandmother Minnie DRIVER (HEMSLEY as she was then) married Moses FARLOW here in February 1925.

From here I will head back along the Vanguard Way to Buxted and visit the church there and then probably along to Buxted Park and visit the church there, before making my way back to Uckfield to catch a bus back to Brighton and home.

[Just as I tried to send this post I discovered I had no mobile broadband signal, so it had to wait until I was back in Uckfield on the bus to send it]

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