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My Family History Week: Sunday 20th May 2012

20 May

There is nothing much to report this week except for an almost complete lack of family history activity. Whilst time has been an issue, as always, the main cause of this in-activity has been a lack of motivation.

I just haven’t really been inspired to sit down and do any family history this week. About the only positive thing that happened this week was the addition of three or four new relatives to my tree.

I realised that with a very small amount of work I would be able to add a seventh cousin. There was no real benefit to gained from doing this but it seemed like a fun thing to do at the time and nice to be able to say that I have a seventh cousin.

Challenging times: Sorting out Patrick Vaughan’s information

Given my current lack of motivation it seems unlikely that I am going get around to sorting out Patrick Vaughan’s information. It would probably be better for me to find another more interesting project (more interesting than sorting out files) to get me back on track.

Kent parish registers on familysearch.org

I made several attempts to access images of Kent parish registers on familysearch.org, hoping that at last I might be able to go back a bit further with my Gasson ancestors.

Unfortunately I was unable to view a single image for any of the parishes I tried, I don’t know if it was me or the website, but I tried nearly everyday with the same result. Maybe next week I will be more successful.

There is another potential distraction coming up this week with a change in the weather coming at last. Hopefully it will be dry and warm enough for me to contemplate at least one decent evening walk this week.

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Should I be updating my IGI source citations?

12 Jan

I currently have 62 events in my database which cite the International Genealogical Index as a source. I use the extracted records from the IGI as an alternative source until I can view the actual entry (digital image, microfilm/fiche or original register) and confirm the details for myself.

It occurred to me a couple of days ago that some time in the future the IGI will disappear in its current form (or at least not be so easily accessible) and all the source citations I have for it will cease to be of use to anyone trying to follow-up my research.

Now the extracted records are included on the new FamilySearch.org website and in the future I will be citing the England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975 and the England Marriages, 1538–1973 from the Historical Records as the source of the information I would previously have found in the IGI, but what should I do with the existing citations?

Technically the IGI is still the source of the information, whether it exists or not, but when it ceases to exist it is not going to be particularly helpful to those coming after me. Now that the information is available from a new source (which will presumably be around for many years to come) it would be much more helpful to update those sources to the new format, but of course that means I will be wasting valuable research time on updating source citations that I don’t really need to.

So what do you think? Have you got source citations for the IGI? Are you going to be updating your sources?

Genealogy Saturday was a success

29 Nov

Genealogy Saturday was a success.

First I spent some time on the FamilySearch Record Search site, looking at the Diocese of Durham Bishops’ Transcripts. I had searched here before (in the parish of Staindrop, Durham) for the siblings of Isabella GRAHAM, my 3x great-grandmother, but I had never finished it off.

Some of the baptism entries were quite detailed so I was able to establish that Isabella’s father Joseph was from Hexham, Northumberland. So now I have added another new county to my list of places.

After Durham and Northumberland I headed back down south, to Gloucestershire and the BATEMAN and JACKSON families. I wasn’t so lucky here, despite some records on the IGI the dates and places I was after weren’t available.

Next I moved back closer to home and the area around Singleton, Sussex. I have more ancestor from these parts than I first believed. Here I added many events for the BOXALL, RICHARDS, PITT, TARGETT and CHANDLER families.

I have identified a potential problem with Thomas PITT, my 4x great-grandfather. I know he married Ann BONE in Stoughton, Sussex in 1798, and he appears to have died before the 1841 census.

Fortunately it is not that common a name, so I should, with a little bit of searching, be able to find a burial record and hopefully an age at burial. This should enable me to work out a birth year, and I can carry on backwards from there.

All in all I added forty new individuals to my database, several of them 5x great-grandparents, and many new events. Also I finished off sorting the George Thomas GASSON stuff in my stuff to sort folder, which was really pleasing.

Exploring the familysearch pilot site in search of the GRAHAM family

31 May

Today I have been reviewing my notes on Thomas KINGHORN (3x great grandfather) from London to see what else I need to research and it occurred to me that I was still hadn’t entered some of the details for his third wife, my 3x great grandmother Isabella GRAHAM.

From the census I knew she was from a place called Staindrop, Durham and from her marriage certificate that her father’s name was Joseph GRAHAM (and he was a labourer, no surprise there). Using this information I had previously located a baptism record for Isabella on the FamilySearch Record Search Pilot Site but hadn’t really followed it up.

One of the datasets on the pilot search is the Diocese of Durham Bishops’ Transcripts, which includes Staindrop parish. This collection isn’t index, so it has been a case of going through page by page searching the baptisms, but that isn’t so different from looking at the microfilm, or the original register for that matter.

The image quality is pretty good, certainly as good as you would find on some of the pay to view records on other sites. The image download speed is pretty good as well, the only thing that I did find annoying is that there aren’t (or don’t appear to be) any keyboard shortcuts. It would be nice to be able to move around the images and go to the next image without having to use the mouse all the time. Still it is a very good site and free, so I can’t really complain.

As this is the bishops’ transcripts it has the burials as well as baptisms and marriages, so with any luck and a bit more searching I expect to be able to find the burials of Isabella’s parents (Joseph GRAHAM and Elizabeth STAMP) in the same parish, as well as baptism records for her siblings.

Some of the baptism entries I have found (pre-1813) are quite detailed, for instance it list the number of the child (eg 3rd, 4th or 5th) and gives Joseph’s wife as Elizabeth daughter of Robert STAMP, which gets me another generation back.

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