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My genealogy diary is starting to fill up

3 Jan

I’ve been updating my diary for the first few months of the year, and it looks like I shall be quite busy attending family history events. Like last years most of the events are at the beginning of the year, but I am sure I will find something else to do for the rest of the year.

The Sussex and South London Family History Fair
(14th February 2010)

This small one-day fair is held at the K2 Leisure Centre, Crawley, West Sussex. It is a mixture of trade stands and family history societies, with a few postcard dealers thrown in. An excellent warm-up for the next big event.

Who Do You Think You Are? Live
(26th to 28th February 2010)

Three days of family history at London’s Olympia, so far I have only booked tickets for two days (Friday and Saturday), but I shall probably book for the Sunday as well because they have a special one-day conference which looks very interesting.

Sussex Family History Group Annual Conference and AGM
(20th March 2010)

Not many stands here, but three talks, two of which are of particular interest to me (Mills and Millers of Sussex and Inns, Alehouses and Taverns of Sussex). Held at Clair Hall, Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

The South Coast Fair
(25th April 2010)

This is similar to the Sussex and South London Fair, except that it is held at the seaside at Worthing, West Sussex. A good excuse for an ice cream and a stroll along the sea front in the spring sunshine (if I am lucky).

I would also like to attend some of the talks at the National Archives and Society of Genealogists, these could hopefully be combined with research trips to the repository concerned.

Weekly Genealogy Preview (for week 44)

25 Oct

Last week was mainly about consolidation. Very little was actually added to my family tree whilst I spent my time planning some next moves for finding the last of my 4x great grandparents. This week I need to get those plans documented and ready to implement over the next few weeks.

  • Continue working on my stuff to sort folder, last week I discovered a collection of parish register transcriptions that weren’t on my spreadsheet, so that will be my focus this week.
  • Prepare a plan for identifying the parents of Susannah POCOCK, ready for a visit to Hampshire Record Office.
  • Decide whether I should order a copy of the marriage certificate for Henry SHORNDEN and Sarah LAY or whether to try and locate a copy of the parish register.
  • Start working on Phase II of my Christmas Tree Project, by preparing a query in Family Historian to identify the gaps in my research for all my ancestors.
  • Prepare for a visit to the West Surrey Family History Society Family History Fair at Woking, Surrey next weekend, to make sure I get the most out of the day.

Should I go to the National Family History Fair at Gateshead?

23 Jul

I got the idea into my head this morning that it would be fun to visit The National Family History Fair on Saturday the 12th September 2009 at Gateshead International Stadium.

Of course the problem is that Gateshead is not particularly local to me, somewhere between 350 to 400 miles away, and I can’t really justify the cost of train or coach fares and accommodation for just one day (in fact just six and a half hours) of family history.

I may have a solution though, it is not ideal but might just work. After finishing work on the Friday I could take a train to London, hang around for a few hours and then catch the overnight coach to Newcastle, arriving around six in the morning, then it would be a question of getting the Metro to Gateshead Stadium. Going home would be exactly the same but in reverse, probably arriving home around midday on Sunday.

So practically it could be done and I wouldn’t need to take any time off work. Looking at the coach fares it could be done quite cheaply as well, it would probably cost me more to get to London in the first place than from London to Newcastle.

The question is do I want to spend two nights sleeping (or trying to sleep) on a coach and spend the day at the family history fair looking (and smelling) like someone who hasn’t washed for over 24 hours? I don’t think my fellow genealogists really deserve that (or the passengers that would have to travel back on the same coach as me), so back to the drawing board for that idea!

The South Coast Family History Fair

19 Apr

It was quite a nice day to visit the seaside, the sun eventually came out, but the wind made it feel colder. Still, I wasn’t too worried because I was inside for most of the day. Either on a bus or in the Worthing Pavilion Theatre at the family history fair.

This is quite a small fair, perhaps 20 stalls and about seven or eight of those were postcard dealers. There were none of the big online database providers, which is much the same as previous years. There were four or five family history societies, including the Sussex Family History Group, but I don’t remember seeing the Society of Genealogists there this year. The West Sussex Record Office also had a stand there, selling their guides and DVDs.

The rest of the stalls were a mixture of retailers selling maps, CDs, accessories and charts etc. To be honest I spent most of my time (and money) with the postcard dealers. Having said that I didn’t spend a great deal, I did see a few nice cards that were out of my price range, but none of my main collecting area, which is becoming much harder find these days.

I did come away with three church postcards to illustrate my family history, and they will probably all end up on this blog sooner or later. They were of Shermanbury, Bolney and Framfield, all in Sussex. I also decided that I need to create a list of all the churches that my ancestors were connected with, the list is getting too much for me to remember, especially with all the MITCHELL ones as well now (and I forgot to look for St Cuthberts, Carlisle as well today).

To be honest there wasn’t a lot else to interest me or that I needed, I did buy the Singleton parish register transcripts CD (published by The Parish Register Transcription Society) from the SFHG stand, which will help me push back my BOXALL ancestors a few generations by giving me some idea of where to look in the original registers.

The fair was pretty well attend by the look of it, but it is a small venue so there were never going to be huge numbers. The entrance fee, £2, was great value, plus going down to Worthing meant that my wife and I got the chance to have fish and chips on the sea front, which is never a bad thing!

Am I ready a whole weekend dedicated to family history?

16 Apr

It is rather self-indulgent to spend all weekend on genealogy, at the expense of everything else, but I think I deserve it (even if no-one else does).

This coming Saturday will see me visiting the West Sussex Record Office (WSRO) and the library at Chichester, West Sussex, then on Sunday I plan to visit Worthing, West Sussex, and the South Coast Family History Fair at the Pavilion Theatre. So this weekend has been officially designated a family history weekend, in our home at least.

Sunday needs no planning as such, other than making sure I have enough money to spend and deciding if there are any books or CDs that I couldn’t possibly live without. There are sure to be some postcard dealers there as well, so I am sure I won’t come away empty handed.

Saturday is a different matter. Chichester library is simple enough (and should be quite quick), check the microfilm of the local papers for January 1951. The WSRO however needs some more thought and planning. I have a to-do list which probably has enough entries for the WSRO for several visits, so I need to decide where my focus should be directed this time.

A large part of my time will probably be spent trying to find out more about the Sussex part of William Henry and Harriet MITCHELL’s travels. I shall be check for school admission records for their children for starters and then likely burial places for William Henry and Harriet themselves.

I need to try and find out more about Thomas GASSON (3x great grandfather) who appears to have ended his days in the Cuckfield Union Workhouse. I want to see if there is any record of him there, and where he was buried.

After that it is probably a case of picking out the quickest and easiest items from my to-do list, and anywhere there are multiple items for the same document. There is probably nothing more I can add to either of my Thomas KINGHORN projects at WSRO, but you never know.

I have been very good this month and so far I have stuck to my promise to only make one archive trip per month, I didn’t even pop into the Brighton History Centre last weekend despite the temptation being very strong.

My long suffering wife does get a look in. She is going to come along with me to Worthing on Sunday and do some shopping in town, a small price to pay for a whole weekend of genealogy!

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