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Organisationally challenged

9 Jun

A couple of months ago I bought a folding plastic crate because I was being a bit organisationally challenged. Our spare bedroom/my genealogy room was starting to fill up with little piles of stuff.

On the spare bed, on the computer desk, on top of the scanner were little piles of stuff. I even had to shift a pile from the chair before I could sit down. Anyway, everything went in the crate and within a week or two it had been sorted and filed and the crate was folded away.

Now it has happened again, I have a crate full of stuff again that needs sorting and filing. I have no idea where it has all come from and I am not quite sure what is even in there, but I still need to get it sorted. So my goal for the week (and weekend) is to get it sorted and get the crate folded up and out of the way again.

The crate of shame

The crate of shame (sorry no prizes for guessing the location of the Google aerial view on the top of the pile)

Ultimately I need to address the underlying problem which is a lack of storage space. I either need to get some more shelves and files or keep less stuff (on paper at least).

I am annoyed that I have let it build up again, but on the positive side I have streamlined the process. This time I have skipped have little piles of stuff and jumped straight to the crate full of stuff.

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