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The lych gate at Bolney, Sussex

2 Sep

As I mentioned the splendid lych gate at Bolney, Sussex in my post about my Bank Holiday walk I thought it only right that I should show you a picture of it. None of my photos were really any good (it is quite enclosed so most of it was in shadow all the time I was there), so here is a picture of it from my postcard collection.

The lych gate at Bolney, Sussex

The lych gate at Bolney, Sussex

To be honest it doesn’t really do it justice, this view is taken from inside the churchyard looking south, out through the lych gate. The central stone “plinth” is the lich stone, where the coffin could be rested. The other side of the lych gate is a short flight of stone steps, so I am sure the lich stone was well used. Also at the top of the steps is a wide seating area with stone benches. I will have to try and find a postcard of the view from the south.

According to the Victoria County History of Sussex at British History Online the lych gate was built in 1905 and it is made of oak on “dwarf walls of Sussex marble”. The circular area just in front of the lych gate is a mill stone set into the path.

I have previously featured a postcard of the church itself in an earlier post.

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