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Gruesome discovery in a Carlisle Coffee House

28 May

Talking of distractions, I came across a rather gruesome burial entry in the St Cuthbert’s, Carlisle, Cumberland Bishop’s Transcripts at the weekend.

“A Man Name unknown packed in a Box & brought by a Manchester Coach” was buried at St. Cuthbert’s on the 10th December 1827. His abode was given as “Coffee House Parish of Saint Cuthbert Carlisle”, and his age was “Supposed 50 years”.

I would love to find out more about this burial and the story behind it,  but I will resist the urge, even though I am sure there is a really interesting story behind it, I am sure the local newspaper would have covered it.

Am I the only one who sees a story like this and wonders if there is a genealogist somewhere who is looking for this man, cursing the fact that they can’t find a burial record for him?

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