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Wanted: Naked Genealogists

30 Sep

I thought that would get your attention, but first let me make this clear from the start this is purely hypothetical, I am not asking for photos of naked genealogists, honest.

Last night I happened to see part of How To Look Good Naked on Channel 4, the presenter Gok Wan was trying to get people to join his Naked Army and have a photo taken of their group of friends or colleagues naked, in the style of The Calendar Girls. So basically people doing everyday things or taking part in their hobbies, with carefully placed items covering any private bits. There are a few examples on the How To Look Good Naked website. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what size or shape you are, or even what sex you are, just so long as you are prepared to show you are not ashamed of your body as it is.

This got me thinking, what if it was a calendar of genealogists? or geneabloggers?

Would you be prepared to do it? If so, how would you like to be photographed? Where would you be (provided you could get permission), what would you be doing? and what props would you use? Don’t worry I am not going to ask you to prove it (I have far too much to do already to organise a photo shoot and publish a calendar).

For my own part I know my body is not perfect, but I think it would be such fun to take part. I can see myself in a record office leaning over a large table, examining the detail of an early map with a magnifying glass.

Come on don’t be shy, let us know whether you would be brave enough to bare all!

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