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The hidden cost of online storage and backup

3 Mar

There are many different options available now for online storage, backup and synchronisation and a range of charges for these services. Many providers offer free storage space, but there is a hidden cost that will affect many users.

My current broadband package has a monthly usage limit of 10GB, which is just about enough for me at the moment, but if I was to start using an online backup service and start uploading large chunks of data, it could quite easily push me over the limit.

Of course there are ways around it, I could increase my usage limit or just go over the limit and pay the extra charges, but either way there is an extra expense that needs to be considered.

Ultimately I know that I will need to upgrade my broadband account in the future, but until that time I am going to stick with burning DVDs of my data on a regular basis and storing them off-site as part of my backup routine.

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