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How I navigate the Ancestry.co.uk databases

8 Jan

Randy Seaver over at Genea-Musings posted about his method for navigating the census databases at Ancestry.com, so I thought I would share the method I use for getting around Ancestry.co.uk quickly and easily.

Basically I use the bookmarks toolbar in the Firefox browser to create my own quick links to the various search pages at Ancestry.co.uk that I regularly use. These are just bookmarked pages, all stored in the same folder and that folder is made available on a toolbar across the top of the browser. The screenshot below will hopefully show what I mean.

Ancestry bookmarks toolbar

So to jump from one census to another (or from anywhere on the internet to an Ancestry database) all I have to do is click once on the folder in the toolbar, and then click again on the item in the list that drops down. Two clicks and I am there, or with three clicks (left-right-left) I can have it open on a new tab.

I am sure I can’t be the only one that uses this method, and I don’t know that it is any quicker or easier than any other method, but I have found it works for me.

To learn more about the bookmarks toolbar visit the Firefox Support page. I believe a similar sort of thing is available on Internet Explorer, where the bookmarks toolbar it is known as the Favorites Bar.

Weekly genealogy preview (for week 36)

30 Aug

Hmmm, looking back at last week’s goals it seems that I didn’t really manage to achieve most of them, but tomorrow is a bank holiday so I have an extra day off this week to try again.

  • This week I want to get my paperwork down to just three folders, one of original documents, one of general research material (although I am having second thoughts about keeping that one as well) and one where I need to scan or transcribe the information (some of that is gong to take some time). I still have another folder with filing materials (dividers and punched pockets) that I have salvaged from the other folders, and can’t bare to part with just yet, but that doesn’t count.
  • I still want to tidy up this blog. I haven’t got around to doing much work on it recently, other than posting. I have quite a few ideas for things I want to do, but it is just a question of finding time to do it.
  • I still haven’t been for a walk around Nuthurst, Sussex. I want to visit the church and New House Farm, but again it is just a question of finding the time to do it.
  • I really need to sort out the bookmarks on my PC. There are two reasons for this, firstly they are getting a bit out of hand and unmanageable (the need sorting into sub-folders or sub-sub-folders). The second reason is that I want to copy them over to my netbook, but I would rather they were better organised before I did it.
  • Next Saturday I am hoping to visit the Picture Postcard Show in London. I need to produce a list of places and subjects that I want postcards of, aside from my main collecting interests. Also I need to get a research plan in place should I have time after the show to pop into the City of Westminster Archives just up the road.

Ancestry.co.uk to update site navigation

3 May

If you’ve used ancestry.co.uk in the last few days you will probably seen an announcement about the forthcoming changes to the site navigation.

I really hope this makes the site easier to use because at the moment it can be a real pain to get around. There are just too many clicks needed to switch from one collection to another.

I soon discovered it was far quicker to bookmark the search page for each collection in my web browser and use this to navigate the site, rather than rely on the site’s own navigation.

It looks like the ‘favourites’ on the header might solve this, but only if the header is included across the site, including the view image page. I won’t delete my bookmarks just yet!

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