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100th anniversary of the first flight across the English Channel

26 Jul

Yesterday was actually the 100th anniversary of Louis Blériot’s historic flight from Calais to Dover, and it was the coverage of the celebrations in the media that reminded me of two postcards in my collection which show the memorial on the spot where Blériot landed.

On the excellent Times Archive website you can view details (from the 26th July 1909 edition) of the preparation for the flight, a report of the flight given by Louis Blériot himself and details of the heroes’ welcome that Blériot received everywhere he went.

Bleriot Memorial, Dover

The first postcard (above) is a printed example with an illustration of Blériot’s aircraft in the top-left. The second (below) features the same picture, but is a real photographic card. The first one was postally used, with a Belgian stamp, but sadly the date of the postmark is not readable.

Bleriot Memorial, Dover (RP)

These two cards are from my collection of hill figure postcards, mostly white horses, but a few other figures such as giants feature. It was whilst dusting of this album that I got the idea that perhaps I should set up another blog to showcase some of my other postcards, especially my collection of Stonehenge cards, perhaps when I run out of other things to do….

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