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Unexpected results planning a trip to Framfield

9 May

Two unexpected things cropped up whilst I was planning today’s trip to Framfield and Blackboys.

Firstly, I was going to get the train to Uckfield (and walk or get the bus) but when I checked the train times online I found there was engineering work this weekend and I would have to catch a replacement bus.

Normally this would be the end of it and I would find somewhere else to go, but because of the route and starting point of the replacement buses it was actually quicker taking the replacement bus (by 44 minutes).

This must be the only time that a rail replacement bus service has actually been quicker than the normal rail service!

The second unexpected thing happened when I googled ‘framfield monumental inscriptions’, and this blog came top of the list! I was surprised to say the least, but I guess I shouldn’t have been, it is probably not a very common search term and I am probably the only one writing about them.

Finding too many HEMSLEY distractions

15 Apr

My diversion up my HEMSLEY line was only meant to be a brief family tree gap filling exercise over Easter, but it is rapidly turning into a major project. Hopefully today I can draw a temporary line underneath it and return to my MITCHELL and KINGHORN research.

It is also getting dangerously close to wrecking my plans for a trip to the West Sussex Record Office (WSRO) this weekend. Not only do I need time to finalise my plans/goals for my visit to the WSRO, but the HEMSLEYs are pulling me in the opposite direction.

Naturally I want to go and visit Blackboys (the hamlet in Framfield parish) where the HEMSLEYs lived, but there is more urgency in this case because Gun Farm (formerly The Gun Inn and home of my 3x great grandparents) is up for sale as a development opportunity. Although I expect the economic situation will delay any development, I would still like to get out there and get some photos soon.

Hopefully somewhen in the next four or five weeks I can get out to Framfield and Blackboys, not only to visit Gun Farm but also Framfield church, where I am sure that there will be lots of gravestones to photograph and monumental inscriptions to transcribe.

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