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From beach to bluebells, two faces of Sussex

23 Apr

One of the joys of living in Sussex is the variety of landscapes that can be experienced within a short distance of each other. From coast to hillside, from fields to woodland, I don’t think I will ever be bored of living in Sussex.

This morning I had to pop down to Shoreham-by-Sea in West Sussex, this meant a journey through Brighton, East Sussex. Being a sunny bank holiday weekend it was busy, but not as busy as I had expected. Heading back out of Brighton on the bus the queues of traffic coming the other way was a clear indicator that it was going to get a lot busier.

I was heading for the countryside. A few hours later I was walking through a woodland full of bluebells, with only the sounds of buzzing insects, the occasional snatch of bird song and the faint rumble of a jet flying high overhead.

Torn between the archives and the great outdoors

20 May

I never have been any good at decision making, and now I can’t decide whether to go to the Hampshire Record Office or spend the day walking, enjoying the sunshine that is forecast.

I had planned to go to Winchester this Saturday, but as this looks like the best day of the bank holiday weekend in terms of weather it seems a shame to waste it indoors. For a change I am pretty much ready to go to the Hampshire Record Office, I know what I want to find out and there is no engineering work on the railway (which is unusual for a bank holiday weekend!)

Pulling me in the opposite direction are the fields and hedgerows, the hills and valleys, the churchyards and gravestones, but most of all the thought of spending some time on my own, going where I like. Just me, a map, my walking boots and enough money for a pub lunch.

Perhaps it’s living with the British weather that does this? Does something deep inside me make me feel the need to seize the opportunity and get out into the countryside and enjoy the sunshine because it might be the last chance I get this year (which is silly because summer is just around the corner).

I wonder if my ancestors ever had this much trouble making decisions?

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