My Ancestors

Below is a list of my direct ancestors, beginning with my great-grandparents and working backwards to my 4x great-grandparents. There are a few 5x and 6x great-grandparents in my database which I will add to the list eventually. In the future I will try to add some more details (at least some dates, but probably places as well) for each individual on this page.

Clicking those names which are highlighted will take you to an Ancestral Profile blog post about that ancestor.


  1. Dorothy May BATEMAN
  2. Lilian Mary BOXALL
  3. Minnie DRIVER
  4. May GASSON
  5. Charles William GEERING
  6. Henry Herbert HEMSLEY
  7. George MITCHELL (1873-1951)
  8. Henry John TROWER

2x great-grandparents

  1. Henry BATEMAN
  2. James BOXALL
  3. Thomas DRIVER
  4. Annie FAIRS (1864-1952)
  5. George Thomas GASSON
  6. William GEERING
  7. Emily GREEN
  8. Henry Charles HEMSLEY (1854-1931)
  9. Dorothy Isabella KINGHORN
  10. William Henry MITCHELL
  11. Caroline RUSSELL
  12. Caroline Emily TARGETT
  13. Ebenezer TROWER
  14. Ellen VINALL (1857-1899)
  15. Mary Ann WALDER
  16. Harriet WRIGHT (c1840-1925)

3x great-grandparents

  1. William BATEMAN
  2. George BOXALL
  3. Caroline COTTINGTON
  4. Thomas DRIVER
  5. John FAIRS
  6. Sarah FRENCH
  7. Thomas GASSON
  8. William GEERING
  9. Caroline GILES
  10. Isabella GRAHAM (1818-1900)
  11. William GREEN
  12. Jane HAYBITTLE (1827-1905)
  13. Henry HEMSLEY
  14. Ruth HILTON
  15. Caroline JACKSON
  16. Thomas KINGHORN
  17. Sarah LAY
  18. Elizabeth LEWRY
  19. Harriet MITCHELL
  20. William MITCHELL
  21. Ellen NICHOLLS (c1847-1897)
  22. Sarah PITT
  23. Susannah POCOCK
  24. Thomas RUSSELL
  25. Henry SHORNDEN
  26. William TARGETT
  27. Charlotte TEMPLEMAN
  28. Henry TROWER
  29. Ambrose VINALL
  30. Edward WALDER
  31. Mary Ann WELLER
  32. Charlotte WREN

4x great-grandparents

  1. Thomas BATEMAN
  2. Ann BONE
  3. John BOXALL
  4. Elizabeth BROOKER
  5. Charlotte CHANDLER
  7. Hannah CRUTTENDEN
  8. Martha DRAPPER
  9. John DRIVER
  10. Hannah ELPHICK
  11. John FAIRS (1804-1846)
  12. Ann FOREMAN
  13. Joseph FRENCH
  14. Henry GASSON
  15. Richard GEERING
  16. William GILES
  17. Joseph GRAHAM
  18. Charles GREEN
  19. Ann HARMES
  20. John HAYBITTLE
  21. Samuel HEMSLEY
  22. Eliza HILTON
  23. Catherine HOLMAN
  24. William JACKSON
  25. Thomas KINGHORN (c1781-1833)
  26. Joseph LAY
  27. Thomas LEWRY
  28. Elizabeth LOCKETT
  30. George MITCHELL (1806?-1844?)
  31. John MITCHELL
  32. Mary NEWNHAM
  33. Thomas NICHOLLS
  34. Thomas PITT
  35. Martha PRESS
  36. Elizabeth RICHARDS
  37. Eliza RICHARDSON
  38. Sarah RIDGE
  39. William RUSSELL
  40. Richard SAUNDERS
  41. Margaret SEWELL (c1777-1850)
  42. William SHORNDEN
  43. Mary SMITH (c1807-1891?)
  44. Ann SPICE
  45. Elizabeth STAMP
  46. Abigail STILES
  47. William TARGETT
  48. Joseph TEMPLEMAN
  49. Charlotte THATCHER (c1800-1882)
  50. Mary TIDEY
  51. Rebecca TOWNLEY
  52. Julia TOWNSEND
  53. William TROWER
  54. Mary TUCKNOT
  55. John VINALL
  56. Samuel WALDER
  57. Thomas WELLER (1796-1869)
  58. Harriett WOOD
  59. Eliza WORSFOLD (1806-1867)
  60. Benjamin WREN
  61. Esther [UNKNOWN]
  62. Heather [UNKNOWN]
  63. [UNKNOWN]
  64. [UNKNOWN]

7 Responses to “My Ancestors”

  1. mike January 16, 2011 at 6:09 pm #

    What a great page John. I like how this looks and it also helps to keep track of those ancestors you have posted profiles about. Would you mind if I added a page to my own blog with the same layout?


    • John Gasson January 16, 2011 at 6:45 pm #

      Thanks Mike, I am really pleased with the way it has turned out. Please feel free to use the idea on your blog.


  2. malcolm may May 24, 2011 at 11:53 am #

    Hi John, your LILLIAN BOXALL was a sister of my grandfather WILLIAM JOHN b.1890. I have two photo’s of WILLIAM & DOROTHY, one when they were young & another when they were older (taken about 1964ish)

  3. Rob Ford June 3, 2011 at 10:50 am #

    I don’t see anything about the GASSON lines or their localities: perhaps I haven’t explored sufficiently. Someone with your name all but killed an ancestor of mine 300 years ago in a brawl at a fair at what is now Burgess Hill, the area which I research.

  4. malcolm may August 3, 2011 at 4:41 pm #

    I am sad to say that WALTER (WALLY) MITCHELL has died aged 95. He was the son of LILLIAN BOXALL & GEORGE MITCHELL. His funeral was on Monday the 1st of august, in Singleton

  5. Kelly January 4, 2012 at 4:04 am #


    I came across your page whilst googling my newly found ancestors the Drivers of Framfield. I believe I descend from Jane Driver who married Richard Wood. Their daughter Sarah had an illegitimate son William born 1802, my G-G-G-Grandfather, who migrated to Australia in 1839. Jane was the daughter of Robert Driver snr. and Elizabeth. Interesting to read what you have found.



  6. Anonymous August 26, 2012 at 10:54 am #

    Really really interested in your family tree search adn thought you might be interested n mine. My grandfather Frederick Sayers was born at Ruckford Mill and was a miller all his life at Cobbs Mill. He and my grandmoher lived at Gatlands in Langotn Lane and my mum was born in Goldbridge Cottage as was my sister and brother. On my mothers side she was related to a Katherine Haybittle so are we distantly related? Would love to hear from you to discuss further

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