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Four font photos

23 Jul

After showing you the beautifully carved marble font at St James’s Church, Piccadilly, London yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to show you a few of the other fonts I have photographed this year.

They are all from rural churches in the counties of Sussex and Hampshire and all have a family connection. As you can see they are not quite as ornate as the one at St James’s and most of them are not as old.

From left to right they are:

Chilcomb, Hampshire – the VCH of Hampshire says that “all the internal fittings are modern, the font, with a small bowl on an octagonal shaft, standing on a marble coffin-lid”.

Exton, Hampshire – this font is not as old as it seems, according to the VCH of Hampshire, “near the south door is the modern octagonal font of thirteenth-century style.”

Singleton, Sussex – described in the VCH of Sussex as being “octagonal, perhaps 15th-century”, not very descriptive really.

West Dean, Sussex – much of this church was destroyed by a fire in 1934 and this is obviously a modern font, which doesn’t even get a mention in the VCH of Sussex.

When filing goes bad…

27 Sep
And I thought I had a problem with my folders

And I thought I had a problem with my folders

And before you ask that is not my filing system, this is the folder graveyard where I work.

Anyone else like to come up with a better caption? Sorry there are no prizes, just leave your suggestion in the comments.

Am I too easily distracted?

27 May

Today I got to thinking about two of my main projects which seem to have fallen by the wayside,  it has been a while since I actually did any serious work on either of them.

My work on Thomas KINGHORN (3x great grandfather) seems to have lost out to his more interesting father (the mail guard), and William Henry and Harriet MITCHELL have given way to finding Harriet’s parents (which is proving to be quite intriguing).

I guess it is natural to move on to something which seems more interesting, especially when many of my questions have already been answered. Also it is difficult to look at one family group without considering their parents (and children) as well.

I don’t think I will be stopping either project just yet, instead I think it is time to review what I have already achieved and start asking some new questions,  looking for new avenues to explore and finding something equally interesting to draw me back in.

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