Sussex Day 2012: Part 9 – Getting into the groove

26 Jun

Sussex Day 2012

Climbing up the northern escarpment of the South Downs is never easy and the path up to the ridge from Fulking was no exception.

I had noticed that the cloud was clearing to the south and the sun finally broke through as I started to climb the steepest part.

I was deep in a groove worn into the hillside, a path snaking its way to the top of the hill, a valley of chalk with grass and soil trying to keep its grip on the walls.

The deep walls did at least offer some shelter from the strong wind, it had been quite strong down at the foot of the hills and I knew it was going to be even stronger on top of the hill.

High above me I could hear the wind whistling through the power lines, and the occasional rattle from the pylon on the ridge.

It was a tough climb, but when I turned around to survey the landscape I was amply rewarded.

Getting into the groove on the South Downs


Copyright © 2012 John Gasson.
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