Photo Album: Kate, Percy and Emily at Rochester

6 Jun

This photo is a partner to the one that I showed a couple of days ago.

Kate Trower, Percy Ebenezer Trower, Emily Nye (July 1950)

Here Ern (Henry Ernest Nye) has been replaced by Percy himself, flanked by his wife and sister-in-law. Presumably Ern is now the one behind the camera.

This was taken in July 1950 in Rochester, Kent. Percy described the visit is in his diary:

Tuesday with Doll & Ern went to Rochester, weather came out very bright but windy, it was a good ride, many years since we were there before.

It is very unusual to have an exact date for a photo, it was helped by having a location and a month and year on the back. This coupled with Percy’s diary tells me that the Tuesday in question was the 11th July.

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