Postcard Album: The Sussex Riviera

26 May

It is not often that I have an excuse to show pictures of scantily clad women on this blog, but given the beautiful sunny weather we are having I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to show off this postcard from my collection.

This is obviously more modern than most of the postcards in my collection, it was posted on the 9th June 1975 from Bognor Regis, Sussex. The card was published by D. Constance Limited of Littlehampton, Sussex. The 1970s were a lean time for postcards of anything other than tourist attractions, although the same could be said for pretty much any decade since the Second World War.

Honestly it wasn’t the bikini-clad beauties that attracted me to this postcard, but the name emblazoned across the middle of the card, The Sussex Riviera. I think this was the first time I came across the name and as far as I can see it has never been in widespread usage.

Although the map on the top-half of the card depicts pretty much all the Sussex coastline I would imagine the photos are from somewhere in the Worthing, Littlehampton or Bognor Regis area.

Copyright © 2012 John Gasson.
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