Postcard Album: Gibraltar – Gates to Spain

3 May

Continuing on the theme of my grandad’s Second World War army service the postcard below is presumably a souvenir brought back from his time in Gibraltar with the Royal Engineers.

Although you can’t tell from the scan the left edge is perforated, indicating that it has come from a book of postcards or maybe a string of postcards joined end to end. This is the only one of these I have, so I don’t know what happened to the others, if indeed my grandad brought the whole set.

It is of course possible that this didn’t come back from Gibraltar with my grandad, but rather it was something that he acquired later on as a reminder of his time there.

I imagine that the postcard dates from the 1930s but that is just a guess really, my grandad was definitely out in Gibraltar in December 1940, but I am not sure for how long.

I think it is quite a nice image, not particularly picturesque but an interesting historical record of the border. I love the wheelbarrow abandoned on the corner of the pavement.

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