Taking a short break from Finding Minnie

20 Feb

My most recent posts aboutFinding Minnie have generated some interest and useful information about Patrick Vaughan and the Canadian Expeditionary Force, but now I need to take a short break, both from writing about and researching the story.

The main reason of course is Who Do You Think You Are? Live at the end of the week. I need to take some time to get myself organised and prepared for this three day family history extravaganza.

Another reason for the break is the need to get all the material that I have gathered so far processed and recorded, before it all gets buried as more information comes to light. The story seems to be heading in so many different directions it is getting harder and harder to keep track of it all.

I still have lots more to write about Minnie, Kate and Patrick, but I also still have a lot more research to do. I can see this particular project lasting for many months to come, and it seems to be growing almost on a daily basis as new avenues of research open up.

I also have a lot more to learn about a couple of particular subjects, namely Canadian and Irish research. WDYTYA Live will hopefully provide some useful opportunites to expand my knowledge on at least one of those, but I need to make sure I am prepared to take advantage of those opportunities this coming weekend.

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