Was this my Kate Driver?

22 Jan

I needed to find out from the marriage register entry whether the Kate Driver who married Robert Cecil Allison in Beaumont, Essex was my 2x great-aunt, this would make her daughter Minnie my grandmother’s cousin.

Unfortunately the marriage register image that I downloaded from the Essex Record Office website didn’t give the conclusive evidence that I had hoped for. If anything it added another mystery which I tried not to be distracted by, Robert’s father’s name and occupation were missing. Interesting but probably not relevant to my current research.

On the 26th November 1903 in the parish church of Beaumont, Essex, Robert Cecil Allison (22 years old) married Kate Driver (a 27 year old). Neither had been married before, Robert gave his occupation as horseman but Kate had no occupation.

This age for Kate pretty much ties up with the 1911 census, giving her a birth year around 1876/77, and of course this doesn’t agree with the Kate in my family tree who was born at the beginning of 1880 (I’m not sure of the exact date, but she was baptised on 28th March 1880). So I couldn’t rely on this as proof.

I have already mentioned that Robert’s father wasn’t named in the register, but fortunately Kate’s was. Her father was Thomas Driver, the name that I had hoped to see, the only fly in the ointment was that he was listed as deceased.

I knew that Thomas Driver my 2x great-grandfather was far from dead in 1903. Kate’s mother had died in 1899 but her father actually remarried in 1908 at the age of 51, and finally passed away in 1945 at the age of 88 years.

Had Kate not known that her father was still alive? Did she deliberately lie about her father to avoid any awkward questions at the wedding? Had she lost contact with her family and didn’t know whether he was still alive? Had there been some sort of falling out between Kate and her father?

Was I looking at the correct Kate Driver? Perhaps this wasn’t my Kate Driver at all, but that she came from Framfield, Sussex was too much of a coincidence to ignore.

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