Postcard Album: Bolney, Sussex

13 Jan

Last week I showed you a postcard  of the Parish Church in Bolney, Sussex, well that same church features on the postcard below or at least the church tower does, poking up above the trees and houses.

This is another postcard by one of my favourite photographers F. Douglas Miller (if you look closely you can see his name embossed in the bottom-right corner). This postcard has not been used, but probably dates from around 1910.

Although my ancestors lived in Bolney and would have known this road (known as The Street) they didn’t actually live in any of the houses featured. No doubt they would have attended the church and probably also the pub (The Eight Bells) at the far end of the road on the right. They probably would have visited the post office as well (the building with the canopy or the one next door).

Although there is not a lot going on in the picture there is something particularly appealing about this card, I can’t quite put my finger on it. What I can say is that to me it captures perfectly a moment in time, what life was like most of the time in a rural Sussex village.

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