Postcard Album: Bolney Church, Sussex

6 Jan

I have shown you several postcards of Bolney church from my collection before, inside and out (and even the lych gate) but the postcard below is slightly different because it shows a side of the church which I don’t think I have seen on a postcard before.

This view is taken from the north-eastern end of the churchyard near the school and shows the less than interesting northern side of the church.

I am not sure who the photographer or publisher was, the caption is quite distinctive, and I have several similar ones in my collection. This postcard was posted from nearby Haywards Heath in June 1914.

Copyright © 2012 John Gasson.
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    […] Last week I showed you a postcard  of the Parish Church in Bolney, Sussex, well that same church features on the postcard below or at least the church tower does, poking up above the trees and houses. […]

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