Postcard Album: Greetings from Nuthurst

30 Jul

The card below is what is known as a multi-view postcard, for obvious reasons. These views are of the village of Nuthurst, Sussex and each of the views are postcards in their own right.

Clockwise from the top-left the views are captioned: Nuthurst, Nuthurst Church, Nuthurst Rectory, View from Rectory Garden Nuthurst, Nuthurst Street, Nuthurst Church Interior, Nuthurst Post Office, Nuthurst Schools.

Postcards of Nuthurst are pretty hard to find, in fact I don’t think I have ever seen the full size version of any of these eight cards, let alone having any of them in my collection.

The style of the writing on the captions suggests that this was published by Cecil Travers, there is a postmark but it is not particularly clear, it was definitely posted in Nuthurst and the year may have been 1914 but I can’t be certain.

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