Putting Sussex Postcards on the map

27 Apr

It was a couple of years ago that I first mentioned the excellent Sussex Postcards website and it is the first place I look when trying to find out who published the postcards in my collection.

The information on the site has continued to grow over the last couple of years and a new feature has been added which will probably be of more interest to the casual visitor. With the use of Google Maps it is now possible to view the postcards in their geographical context.

Selecting the “Search using map” option on the homepage will take you to a Google map of Sussex and initially the postcard markers are grouped together but once you start to zoom in on your selected area the colour-coded individual markers start to appear. Selecting one of these pins brings up a thumbnail image of the postcard, the name of the publisher and a link to view a larger version of image.

This is probably of more interest to the casual visitor rather than those seriously interested in postcard publishers, although it may be possible to identify the publisher of a particular postcard if they were prolific in a particular area. This is however a really great way to view historic images of Sussex, making it very easy to go on a postcard tour across the county.

Copyright © 2011 John Gasson.

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One Response to “Putting Sussex Postcards on the map”

  1. Maggie April 28, 2011 at 1:08 am #

    Thanks for the website! I am currently researching my Brighton ancestors, so the postcards are great to get a feel of the place at the time.

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