The satisfaction of a good death certificate

15 Apr

I think only a genealogist knows the joy and pleasure obtained from the arrival of a death certificate.

The arrival of death certificate for Thomas NICHOLLS today was just the shot in the arm this genealogist needed. It has been a busy week at work this week and I have returned home in the evenings exhausted, if not physically then at least mentally. Consequently I haven’t got around to doing much family history this week.

Despite arriving home to an overflowing water tank (fortunately outside, not inside) the sight of an envelope from the GRO stuffed through the letterbox was enough to raise my spirits.

After dealing with the water tank (and before getting something to eat) I turned my attention to the envelope and rather messily ripped it open. Only a genealogist will know the heart-stopping moment when you find out whether that £9.25 was wisely spent or not.

This £9.25 was a bit of a gamble, I would have liked to have lowered the odds a bit more, but ultimately I think the gamble paid off. There were no shouts of joy as I took in the details on the certificate, just some gentle head nodding and a few mumbled questions. Satisfaction!

One Response to “The satisfaction of a good death certificate”

  1. Judy Curbow April 16, 2011 at 1:19 am #

    I can completely relate to this! We are an odd bunch aren’t we?!

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